5 Honda cars you should pay attention to

Japan has always presented the West with extravagant wonders in both the rich and dense Eastern culture and the cutting-edge technology present in the many industries of industrialization. For motoring fans, there is a special automaker, always committed to captivating the hearts and garages of enthusiasts. Today, we will talk about the Honda cars, a Japanese heavyweight in the automotive scene. Opting for Honda, classic sports cars are what you will find, such as the NSX, charismatic convertibles such as the S2000, and “mother” of one of the vehicles with the highest global sales volume, the world-renowned Civic! Regardless of your appreciation for the Japanese automaker, now check out a little bit about the history of Honda cars and why they deserve your attention!

Honda: its history and characteristics

Both the automaker and its founder – Soichiro Honda – have a gigantic and at the same time emblematic history. The whole chronology of the company crosses virtuously with that of Soichiro, the inventor obstinate and resilient to all the obstacles of the time. In the post-war period, Japan was in a chaotic stage, with an evident crisis of infrastructure and transportation. It was at that moment problematic that Honda thought of a solution: the bikes. The first Honda motorcycles were an adaptation of a batch of 500 motors coupled on bicycles.

Handing over the absolute success of sales, in 1948 was founded the Honda Motor Company. From that moment until 1991, Soichiro accompanied his company, participating actively in the development of numerous projects, engines and vehicles now consecrated. Unfortunately, in August 1991, Soichiro Honda passed away due to complications in the liver, leaving his empire firmer than ever, under the shadow of his legacy of genius. In Brazil, the story is somewhat shorter. It was started in October 1971, with Honda Motors do Brazil importing the bikes of the oriental brand to the Brazilian public. In the case of Honda’s car models, it all started in 1997, with the inauguration of the country’s first automotive brand in Sum are / SP. In this plant, the Civic of 6ª generation was produced.

Honda cars: models and features

Now that you have learned the history and philosophy of Honda, check out the main options of the brand in Brazil. Get to know the models, their particularities and the driver profile they serve!

Honda cars And Safety Covers

Honda headlights are an important part of the vehicle. Headlights are important for both safety and look. Without the proper headlights, it is hard to see at night or in adverse weather conditions. This can be extremely dangerous, not to mention, potentially open you up for a costly traffic ticket. Having the proper headlights also ensures that your Honda looks sleek. Honda designs headlights with function and design in mind, so they just make the look of the car. Your you should buy car covers for your car protection from dust and SUV.

Proper headlights are headlights that provide adequate lighting, are in good working order and fit the car. Proper headlights can ensure you see deer, people or other obstacles that may enter your path. They also ensure approaching vehicles can see you from behind. Without proper headlights, it can be very dangerous to drive. That is why there are large fines for drivers operating vehicles that do not meet the requirements of the state as to proper headlights and taillights. Honda headlight should be replaced regularly as needed. If a light is not working or has been damaged then it should be replaced. It is important to replace headlights right away to maintain a safe and legal vehicle.

Honda headlights and taillights serve as a warning to others. They allow your vehicle to be seen even when there is not adequate lighting or good weather conditions. You can avoid damage to your car, damage to other cars and possible horrible accidents involving walkers and animals by using your headlight and taillights. You can save yourself from many accidents by just ensuring your lights are in proper working order.

  1. Fit

If it’s Honda, almost timeless automobiles are a hallmark of the brand. The Honda Fit car is one of the most established models of the brand in the country. Its look, independent of the generation, presents a contemporary style and that ages very little, see the eternal Fit 2007. The body is a minivan type. He is often acclaimed among young / adult audiences, just like the Honda City car. Ideal for couples with or without children, there is plenty of room in the back seat as well as in the generous 363-liter trunk. Size success of the brand makes more and more people search for consortium of Honda cars. And, if you opt for a Honda consortium, technological and powerful cars are what awaits you.

  1. WR-V

This is a new Honda car and a special model for the brand in our country. This is because it is the first vehicle designed under the leadership of the Honda Research and Development Center in Brazil. Launched in 2017, it is one of the Honda 2017 cars that celebrated the commemoration of 20 years of production of Honda Automobiles around here. The WR-V – new Honda car – is already considered an SUV (Sport Utility), given the greater height compared to the ground. To contribute to the dimensional increase and suspension, there is an adventurous appeal in the aesthetic props. It looks for the same audience as Fit, but looks specifically at those who enjoy an adventure at the weekend, who need to carry sporting instruments on the roof or who will eventually pick up an uneven road on the way to a place, for example. For those looking for cars from the Honda 2017, the model is the ideal option. But, if you look for cars from the 2016 Honda, options will not be lacking.

  1. Civic

Eternal Japanese classic. In its tenth generation, the Honda Civic had a vigorous change of style, adhering to a visual coupé, which ended up contributing both to the joviality and the sportiness of the vehicle. It looks for a more sober and adult audience, both for the price and the abandonment of aesthetic virtuosity approved by the younger ones, who tend to prefer minivan hatches or small SUV’s, Fit and WR-V respectively.

  1. HR-V

The Honda HR-V car is the most successful urban SUV of the brand in our country. Their design, inner space and convenience items have transgressed barriers, conquering much of the adult, male or female. The target audience does not see it as an adventurous option, a fact that can be confirmed in their body, because like the Civic, dispenses with the aesthetic virtuosity of an adventurer. On the contrary, the HR-V Honda car is an exquisite SUV, as well designed as planned, often seen in urban centers.

  1. Civic Si

The cherry of the Honda cake in Brazil. This is the ideal car for an adult, male or female, successful – as it charges its price – and thirsty for speed. For those who are looking for a new Honda car, the model promises to please.

This motorsport legend arrives in the country already in the tenth generation, with a sports car attested by the two doors, manual gearbox and 208 hp that begs to be used at every vigorous acceleration. A car for those who like a real car!

It is also worth mentioning another emblematic characteristic of Honda: to offer much comfort to the owners. Automatic options are found on all brand vehicles – except the Civic Si, purposely manual for sportiness. Regardless of your age or your style, there is clearly a Honda that is perfect for you! If you are looking for a new car from Honda, options are sure to go! If you go to a Honda dealership, cars of the most varied styles will be waiting to conquer you! Did you like the features described in this post? Remember that by choosing for Honda cars, varied prices are available, to better serve you. Now that you’ve learned more about the brand’s cars, take advantage of the visit on our blog to read our next article, “New cars worth more than a full used one?” And become fit to identify the best Honda cars in the world. Market, be they new, new or used!

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