The LDV Mega Tub: Why People Are Raving About It

LDV has been around since 1951, but they didn’t have much success until the LDV D90 and LDV T60 were released in 2010. These two trucks changed everything for them because they were designed with the consumer’s needs in mind. One of those needs was to be able to haul more material at once so you can finish jobs faster and increase profit margins. 

The LDV Mega Tub was introduced as a way to allow drivers to do just that! LDV engineers worked hard to design a truck that could do just about anything you would need it for. Whether you love travelling for pleasure or business, you will never go wrong when you choose an LDV brand. 

What Makes the T60 LDV Mega Tub Worth the Price?

Tracing its roots back to the British Isles, this brand has come a long way. It’s now owned by one of the largest Chinese carmakers: the SAIC Group. If you have been wondering how this brand was able to penetrate other countries, take a look at this LDV Mega Tub that car owners are raving about. 

Bigger is always better

You must have heard the slogan that bigger is better. That’s what the LDV T60 Mega Tub wants to capitalize. If you want a big ute that can carry lots of stuff, the LDV Mega Tub might be just what you’re looking for. This vehicle offers a 3470mm wheelbase and yields you a 275mm tub that’s longer than average! More tubs allow you to fit in more stuff due to the extra space. Its unique and extra-long wheelbase gives you more 4×4 feels for this ute.

Affordability combined with practicality

The LDV Mega Tub is the perfect solution if you are looking at LDVs because of their price. Purchasing any LDV vehicle will put less strain on your wallet, but this particular model has some features and benefits not found anywhere else. 

LDV is known for their reliability

If you are drawn to a specific model like the LDV Mega Tub, it’s because there is something about them that appeals to you. The company also understands that while money might be tight, LDVs aren’t sold purely on price alone; instead, drivers want all of these features and benefits, which is why LDV does their best to design vehicles that are both well-made and affordable. Other models are equally reliable such as the LDV T60 Trailrider, for instance.

Power at the right price

LDV Mega Tub owners rave about the LDV’s power as much as they do its affordability. There just aren’t any other trucks out there that can offer this much at such a reasonable price! If you want an LDV that is going to work hard and not break the bank, then LDV Mega Tub should be your go-to. You can also try the LDV D90 Price range from $35,990 up to $48,990.


LDVs are a great option for those who need a truck that can haul lots of material at once or tow large items out of tight spaces. LDV has been around since 1951 so they know exactly what their customers want. LDV Mega Tub is the perfect truck for you if you want reliability at an affordable price. LDVs also come in different styles, which makes them even more attractive to potential buyers. 

Now that you know the perks of owning an LDV Mega Tub, be sure to visit our website so you can learn about other LDV models like the LDV T60 Trailrider for sale.  Don’t forget to ask around and read reviews and testimonials to help you decide which LDV is worth your money.

With LDV, you’ll always be able to find the ute that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

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