How Big Is A Standard 2 Car Garage – Average Garage Size

It is important to have a garage that is the perfect size for a house. Suppose it is effective and easy to manage as well, especially when you have a specific use for one.

It is a great starting point, but going for a garage size of one isn’t smart. In this case, one should know that the standard 2 car garage might be the perfect average garage size.

This article will help you understand what amount of space is perfect for you and your garage and how big a standard 2 car garage is. However, to figure that out, it is important to consider what it is that you’ll be doing in the garage?

What are you using your Garage for?

This is one of the important things you need to consider if you go for a standard 2 car garage or a 3 car one. It will help you determine the size and space you need in your garage, especially if you plan to include possibilities for extra activities.

The number of cars you own will help determine the garage size.

This is another thing that homeowners should always consider when determining the size of the carage. If you have larger items to be stored in the garage, except the car, then a standard garage size might not work.

You might need a bigger one for storage purposes as well as keeping a car in the garage. If you have a lot of cars, you wouldn’t be okay with having the standard one.

Moreover, there are many different standard-sized garages as well from which you can decide, but it all depends on whether you have more equipment to keep in the garage or not. You might need a 3 car garage if you have two cars, in that case.

Living spaces tend to need more room

Sometimes, people use garages for other purposed instead of storing their cars. They might want to use it as another room, maybe a powder room or an additional living room. It’s always a good idea to have a room which gives your family more space to spend time in.

Moreover, one can also decide to turn it into a bedroom. Whatever the homeowner decides to do, the garage space needs to be adjusted accordingly. A standard sized garage, i.e., a 2 cars garage, might be good for a living room but not much so for a bedroom, as bedrooms usually require extra space.

Throwing of parties

This is one of the main uses of garages in a time like this as well. Houses with teenagers or teens are going to want to throw parties and hangouts in the garage, as it is a trend that people follow.

In this case, the garage size you decide on should factor in the possibility of a large gathering; hence, an average and standard sized garage are good, but a 3 car garage might just make it easier to adjust a whole lot of people.

Is your garage going to be attached or detached?

This is another thing that should be considered when deciding if an average-sized garage will work for you or not.

If you want an attached garage, it would have to come with the house, and this will provide excessive benefits like sharing of the cooling and heating systems. However, there isn’t much say on the size of the garage in this case.

If you want a private garage, then detached garages make more sense. It will be like a private room or apartment but in the same house. The size can be adjusted accordingly, as it will be detached from the house.

Moreover, if you yourself aren’t a fan of doing the handy work, you can always buy garages to accommodate your needs, especially in the case of detached garages. You can skip the part where you have to construct the garage yourself and then save time as well. You would be sure that the purchase made has a guaranteed quality as well as a professional design, like from

Knowing the average garage sizes

Once you have decided on how to use the garage and what to use it for, you can determine the exact size you think is suitable for you. A lot of homeowners feel like they should go for a two or one-car garage.

However, it is important to understand that there is an average garage size available for each style that your garage is in. there are secondary options that can help you pick the perfect size. Here is the way the following garage sizes can accommodate more stuff:

Average one-car garage

The one-car garage is the smallest garage which is actually made to fit only one cat. If you go for this option, make sure you have the requirement of fitting one car only, or if you want to use it as a living area, turn it into a small bedroom. The average one-car garage is 12 feet wide and usually 22 feet deep.

Average two-car garages

This is the average two-car garage which is made to fit two cars. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one should just fit two cars in there. It means that with one car, a homeowner can decide to fit in equipment or landowners with the car as well. These garages can typically be 18 feet wide and 20 feet deep. They can vary in size a little and can also be used as a huge living room or a private apartment (if it is detached from the house)

Average three-car garages

This size is the largest size that a garage can be. The most standard size of the car garage is the three-car garage. This is a perfect size if you are looking to fit in two cars or even three. You can also use this space for parties instead of a garage, as there is a good space which can be utilized. Moreover, it can make a large living space as well. These garages are 32 feet wide and 22 feet deep.

Get the perfect garage size

Once you get to know the exact requirements and how your garage is to be utilized, you can easily decide on the perfect size. The standard garage is much more lavish and easier to use, i.e., the three garage size.

However, the amount of space actually needed is determined by the number of people as well as the need. If there are more cars to be occasionally parked, then three-car garages are perfect.


Conclusively, an average two-car garage can be good for a family which owns two cars. However, in the case of two cars, nothing would fit properly. If you are looking to store something along with one car, then a two-car garage can be a good option. It can also be utilized as a room or a living space.

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