How Can MDM solution make BYOD better?

BYOD (bring your own device) policy has been working great for many companies. Now, the new talent is looking for workplaces where they are allowed to bring their own devices and work on them instead of the devices given by the company. They feel more comfortable working on their devices as they have software and other settings of their own choice installed on those devices. While it is a good way of improving the productivity of the employees and giving them comfortability, it is equally dangerous too.

Letting them bring their devices can provendangerous for the company in too many ways. There is always a risk of viruses, hacker, and spams when you have different devices with different settings and systems working on the same network. You don’t know what they have installed on those devices and what are they doing with the network you are providing them. Also, you don’t know if those devices are safe or not to let them use the company’s confidential information on them. So, to eliminate such doubts, the use of mobile device management is suggested.

How is BYOD dangerous?

Bring your device policy is going great for many companies but unfortunately, many have suffered hard through this decision. Where employees are improving their performances and taking challenges in a better way, they are prone to many dangers when they are bringing their devices from home. Not only are they putting their data and information in jeopardy, but they are putting the company at great risk as well. If you are still new to this policy and don’t know to do it right, here are the risks that you should be concerned about:


Security and safety come first when you are dealing with sensitive data at the workplace and every piece of information is sensitive be it about your future projects or your own going sessions. Everything is confidential and should not be shared with other companies. But, you don’t know what sort of security settings your employees have on their devices. Do they install anti-virus, or are they at the risk of losing every sort of data that they have on their phones? Either way, you can’t be sure and you can do so little about this because they are bringing their devices on over which you have no control.


Hackers usually look for loopholes in the company to extract data from and figure out what is going on. They are usually hired by competitors who want to steal your information and do something to get ahead of you. When they find out that you have a BYOD policy, they start attacking every device to see which one is the least protected. They attack the most vulnerable devices and as a result, they usually get into the system and can steal data easily.

Lesser Control

When you have your employees bringing their own devices, you don’t seem to have so much control over those devices. Moreover, you cannot see what they are doing. They might have installed games or been scrolling through the internet unnecessarily. In any way, it is very difficult to comprehend what are they doing or if they are working on the projects or not. Employees know many ways around their devices that they can easily fool you into thinking that they are working and nothing else.

You cannot cancel and BYOD policy now, but what you can do is figure out a way to move successfully around it. For that, you can use mobile device management which is the most authentic way of getting the devices under control and making the right decisions.

How can MDM help?

Here are some of how MDM can help you make the BYOD policy successfully without worrying about your data being lost or your employees doing nothing related to work.

Manage Devices

As mobile device management suggests, it is about managing every device that you have under one roof. You can manage all the devices remotely without actually getting access to it every time you want to know something. With the MDM solution, you can see what they are doing, know what they are working on, and figure out who is making the fastest progress. Also, you can make sure that they are giving their time to work only.

Security Updates

How many times do you snooze or just ignore the security update because you don’t think you need it? It happens every day, but due to this habit, your device is becoming vulnerable day by day and it can get attacked by any virus or hacker easily. With MDM, you don’t have to wait for the employees to install the security update for you, instead, you can do it yourself just remotely. You can make all the necessary changes that are required to keep the data and information protected. This way, you can be sure that the devices that your employees are using are safe.

Block Unnecessary Content

You don’t want your employees to get access to websites that are not only a waste of time but also not very healthy for them. To minimize such things, you can block those websites, content, and even apps so that no one can waste their time on useless things. When they have access to these things, they usually ignore their work and spend most of their time on stupid things. You don’t want that for them and your company. So, what you can do is you can block all the content and restrict their access. This way, they can roam around and be independent, but they cannot just go around with useless stuff to take up their time and stop them from working.

VantageMDM is the best MDM solution that you can use to make sure that your company is at success with the BYOD policy. If you cancel the policy, it might affect your reputation, but if you run it successfully, not only you are improving your stance in the market but you are attracting better talent every day. So, use the MDM solution right now and make the change that can bring progress to your company in multiple ways.

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