How to Get Your Paycheck Early

One in every five American workers runs out of money before their next paycheck. As prices begin to rise for gas, groceries, and other essentials, many Americans are finding it difficult to make it paycheck to paycheck.

With that being said, it’s not uncommon for many employees to need a paycheck advance. Getting paid your wages as you make them can help you stay afloat during times like these.

Do you know how to get your paycheck early? In the guide below, you’ll find several ways you can get paid early. Continue reading to learn more. 

Visit a Cash Advance Location

There are many financial services that provide cash advances for those in need. You can even find apps available to download on your smartphone that allow you to take out a cash advance as needed as well. When using one of these services, there are a few requirements but nothing drastic. 

You will need to show a form of identification and a certain amount of pay stubs that show you have a stable job and are able to pay the advance back. You’ll need to be approved for the advance, but this only takes a few minutes. Once approved, you’ll be given a certain amount of cash in advance depending on your financial situation.

Keep in mind that there’s a specific due date when it needs to be paid back (usually within two weeks) and there’s also a small interest rate as well. 

Ask About Earned Wage Access

Your earnings are how much money you make either from your paid job or other sources such as passive income, interests, and more. Your wages are what you earn solely from working.

Some employers offer earned wage access, which allows employees to view and access the money they’ve already earned before receiving their paycheck. 

This can be done through a prepaid card, a payroll card, direct deposit, or even directly to a utility bill. Speak with your employer to learn if this is something they provide.

Ask Your Employer For a Pay Advance

Even if your employer doesn’t offer earned wage access, you can still speak with them about providing you with their own cash advance. Some employers might be able to offer you a pay advance free of interest or other fees. Sit down and speak with your employer about the terms.

You may be able to get paid early and then have the payment taken out of your next paycheck. 

This Is How to Get Your Paycheck Early

We all know and understand the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck. Getting your money as soon as you earn it doesn’t have to be difficult.  When you’re not able to pay all of your bills and still have some money left in your pocket before your next payday, then be sure to keep these tips on how to get your paycheck early in mind.

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