How to Integrate Calendar Apps With Your Shopify Store

You might be wondering how to integrate calendar apps with your Shopify store. You can use a calendar embed code to put the calendar on your website. If you’re not familiar with HTML mode, you can turn it on in Shopify’s HTML settings. Once you’ve added the calendar embed code, you can edit your store to display the calendar. In the meantime, you can embed calendar code with HTML mode.


The BookThatApp calendar app integration with Shopify stores allows store owners to add a booking system to their online stores easily. This software lets your customer’s book time directly from your store without navigating through third-party applications or filling out tedious forms. You can even color-code booking forms to easily distinguish which ones are available. Once installed on your Shopify store, BookThatApp automatically updates your inventory to reflect changes in your booking availability.

The BookThatApp calendar app integration with Shopify stores provides multiple booking options for your customers. You can offer pre-configured booking forms or customize your calendar. It allows for paid and no-charge appointments. The app also displays a Book Now button wherever you wish on your Shopify store. You can accept payments in advance and even set up security bonds for products and services. With its recurring booking feature, you can send reminders to customers for upcoming appointments based on event schedules.

The BookThatApp calendar app integration at with Shopify stores allows your clients to schedule appointments with you in real-time. Its calendar lets your clients schedule appointments with you, and it will enable them to buy your products when convenient for them. It supports multiple languages and time zones and is compatible with mobile devices. This integration helps your customers book appointments faster and easier, allowing them to spend more time shopping and reducing their frustration.

The BookThatApp calendar app integration with Shopify stores is a simple yet effective calendar solution for your business. The Events Calendar app connects to your external calendars, displaying all events automatically. The calendar also connects to Eventbrite and Outlook to keep in touch with your customers. It is easy to update events on your calendar, which means that your customers can easily find your events and place orders.

The BookingApp integration with Shopify stores makes it possible to add different types of bookings to your store. Customers can choose their preferred time zone and date for booking. It allows Store Admins to control the online booking system, cancel appointments, and accept flexible payments. And best of all, it works well with all your other point-of-sale systems. This booking system integrates with your Shopify store with ease so that you can focus on other parts of your business.


You’ve likely heard about the Tipo calendar app if you’re running an eCommerce store. It provides a user-friendly booking system with advanced features, including custom fields, round-the-clock service, and a unified interface. Customers will also enjoy its ability to book appointments by individual or group, and it lets users check activity logs and email notifications of status changes. Read on to discover the many ways Tipo can help your business.

In addition to displaying booking events, this app can also include custom fields and display extra information on the product description pages. Customers can book appointments through the app’s booking calendar, and the admin can approve or reject booking requests from customers. 

Tipo has several features that make it easy for store owners to set up and use.


A new app for shipping rates that automatically displays the shipping rate on a dynamic calendar simplifies the checkout process for customers. CalendarRate pulls pre-existing shipping rules from your store and incorporates them into one simple phase. With 30 days of free use, you can try out CalendarRate to see how it works and what is suitable for your store. 

Calendars are a must-have if you want to make your online store more informative and interactive. Calendars are an essential aspect of your online presence, helping customers plan their time accordingly and avoid confusion. Calendars also allow you to easily mark historical information and events and build anticipation for sales or events.