How to Prepare For a Health Examination For Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you get an injury or an illness due to your job, things can get tricky quickly since you have to deal with the pain. Moreover, because of the work-related injury or disease, you may not be in a position to work for some time, and you have to incur treatment costs. Because of that possibility, workers compensation Chapel Hill came into being to safeguard you against injury and disability by providing financial protection and compensation. Your employer pays for the insurance, and you should not contribute to the compensation cost.

There are a few steps to claiming workers’ compensation when you have an injury or illness due to your work environment. One step involves medical evaluation and treatment, which will earn you a certificate from a qualified doctor to support your claim.

Because of the importance of a medical exam in helping determine your compensation eligibility, you should prepare thoroughly for an appointment. You may not qualify for a claim if you give inaccurate information or cannot answer questions truthfully. Consequently, below are a few tips to help you prepare for your medical appointment.

Understand your health history

Your doctor will examine documents detailing your medical history and ask relevant questions, especially if there may be links to your current injury. You have to be as honest as possible about your past and recent injuries or sickness so that you do not leave out any detail that may cause the rejection of your claim.

Strive to pinpoint the differences between the current and previous injuries in the affected location of your body and how it is workplace-related.

Provide the details about the accident

Your medical examiner will request that you provide a detailed review of how the injury occurred in the work environment. That will help convince your employer and the insurer that your injury or sickness relates to your work.

Your review regarding how the accident occurred from the first time you reported it to your supervisor has to remain consistent. An inconsistent account of the events leading to your accident will create doubts and harm your claim for worker’s compensation.

Reveal your symptoms

Let the health provider understand the pain, symptoms, and problems you may be experiencing because of the injury or sickness. For instance, you may inform the doctor about your difficulties while performing regular activities such as walking or sleeping.

Although you should register even minor symptoms and problems of your injury, avoid exaggerations. Overstating your condition and symptoms hurts the credibility of your claim, which reduces the chance of receiving your deserved compensation.

Present yourself in an appropriate manner

The way you dress must be consistent with your illness or injury. For instance, if you have an injury in your ankle, you may have to support yourself with crutches and not wear high-heeled shoes. If you visit the doctor’s office wearing high heels and yet you have an ankle injury, it may be challenging to believe you.

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