How To Start A Successful Escape Room Business?

You’ve played a couple of escape games, and their immersiveness has got you hooked, isn’t it.

“The only thing better than playing escape games is making my own!” you think.

You’re not alone, believe it or not.

Almost a single escape room owner began their business as a result of a memorable room escape experience. But where do you start now that you know what you want to do?

In this article, you’ll get the solution to your question.

Play a lot of escape games

You must first play a lot of escape rooms if you want to start an escape room business. You can start by searching “escape rooms near me” online. If you’re going to open a VR Escape Room, you should definitely visit your closest VR Arcade.

Your skill to construct and conduct your own games will grow with each new area you play. Playing different rooms will help you design more exciting puzzles and better narratives. They’ll show you how to use props in new ways and apply new technologies in new ways.

Even the negative experiences are valuable. They are instructive in terms of what not to do. What not to do when it comes to customer service, game design, and room management.

Join the Escape Room community

One of the most appealing aspects of joining the escape room community is it is welcoming and helpful. It will give you more clarity when you communicate more with the people from the industry.

The owners have indeed relied on one another for help to get the industry to where it is now. Many owners had referred their competitors’ rooms to their customers in the early days. 

Although these practices are becoming less common, most operators are still willing to speak with potential owners about the ins and outs of beginning and maintaining an escape room business.

Start Brainstorming and market research

So now that you have had conversations with the community people, you’ve come up with a concept.

In your head, you’re probably already planning your first room. You’re giddy with anticipation and eager to get started.

We understand. But we’re going to ask you to take it a little easier.

Starting a company is a huge step. So, before investing time and money, it’s critical to learn everything you can about the sector before you jump in and start spending.

To make your escape room business stand out, do a recce of your location and properly research your competitors. 

Create your escape room business plan

It is very crucial to make a business plan as it will assist you in better defining what, why, and how you intend to establish and grow your escape room company. 

It will assist you in visualising the business, determining whether it is financially realistic, and deciding whether or not to start an escape room business.

Before making any personal or financial obligations, you should have a clear idea of the business’s potential and how you might build it.

Also, planning your business will give you an idea of the budget you will need to start.


It is not for everyone to run an escape room business. However, for the right individual, it may be extremely rewarding.

Learn everything about escape room games before starting your own. Play as many rooms as possible and speak with the owners to better understand the business.

Participate in the community both online and in person. Spend some time doing market and competitor research as you become more familiar with the sector to understand the opportunities and obstacles of operating an escape room in your area.

With these ideas in mind, you can start writing your escape room business plan to help you visualise how you want to build and expand your business.

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