How to Wash Your Car with a Pressure Washer

Our cars serve us like a captain, a thankless job. So, it is necessary to take care of them too. This taking care includes cleaning the interior and exterior parts. Although, it is a tiresome job, using a pressure washer to do it makes the job very easy. We can easily clean our favourite cars using a pressure washer effectively without hassle.

People might advise you that it is a complex job but in reality, you only need to follow some easy steps. These steps are…

Step 1: It is essential to use a pressure washer having the appropriate power that includes PSI and GPM. The higher the PSI and GPM the more pressure and water flow you will get. You will need around 2000-3000 cleaning unit to pressure wash your car. Cleaning unit is measured by multiplying PSI and GPM.

1300 PSI X 2.2 GPM =2860 Cleaning Unit.

You need to choose a nozzle between 25- 40 degree and connect your pressure washer with your hose.

Step 2: Choose an appropriate place where you want to wash your car. You are recommended to use a driveway or street. Also, make sure that you have access to the electric outlet as electric pressure washer is more effective to wash cars.

Step 3: You need to rinse your car to take away any debris if there is any before applying car washing liquid or detergent. At first, spray off the muds from the car using your pressure washer. You might start from 4-5 feet away and then come closer to rinse of the muds.

N.B.: You need to rinse off the wheels very closely to clean the darts from them. You should also spray some water in the ground to check if the pressure is appropriate or not before applying the pressure washer to clean your car.

Step 4: It’s time to apply detergent on the surface of your car. You need to select a detergent suitable for car washing. Most of the detergent comes in concentrated form, so you need to turn it into liquid. To do so, mix a quart of detergent with a bucket of water and dilute it well. Then apply it to your car’s exterior part.

Some pressure washer comes with a detergent tank for applying detergent. If your pressure washer has such facility then pour liquid detergent in it to apply otherwise use a cloth to apply the detergent in the car.

Step 5: Start from the top of the car and go downwards. You might choose to wash the entire car at a time or side by side. After applying the detergent or liquid car washer wait for few minutes to allow it to work on the debris and darts.
Step 6: Then apply water using your pressure washer with an approximate tip of 40 degrees. Lastly, use a clean cloth to rinse off the water and optionally you might use car shiner to shine the exterior part of your car.

That is all. You have washed your car with perfection using a pressure washer that has saved your time, energy and most importantly money. You are recommended to follow these steps each time to pressure wash your car so that it looks like a brand new one all the time.

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