I’m Getting Married. What Should I Know?

If that was a question we could easily answer, I speculate there would be a significant drop in divorce races across the globe. While nothing is as simple as black and white, marriage is an exceedingly important moment that needs careful consideration and planning.

Your marriage could go two ways: it could either be the best moment of your life that you are going to cherish and remember until your last day or one of the most dreadful events you have ever gone through. To my hope, this article will ensure your wedding goes superb.

The thing with getting married is that it seems like you have a million things to juggle. You have to take care of the guest list, the venue, and vendors such as photographers, all while struggling to maintain the burning flame of love without losing your mind.

This is, I believe, why so many people eventually get divorced. Of course, there are a lot of factors – but in my experience, there are a lot of signs you could pick up before, during, and after a wedding that would suggest as to the true nature of your relationship.

Therefore, if you’re worried about what can go wrong during your marriage – or if you even want to get wed in the first place – read on, as I’ve written this article as a quick and helpful primer to give you a strong foundation to build off.

Alright! Weddings Are Scary. So What?

It can be said that although weddings are very difficult to pull off flawlessly, the real issue does not explicitly lie in the preparation but rather in whatever can arise after it. What a lot of couples struggle with is not only planning their wedding but also preparing ways to protect themselves in case of an unexpected event.

Anything can go wrong when you least expect it. You spend ten minutes with each guest, letting them know the left wing of the venue is closed off due to repairs, only for one of them to stumble inside and stagger over construction materials, thus injuring themselves.

The real problem here is that US law states that the host of an event is directly legally responsible for the wellbeing of their guests. Therefore, if one of your guests gets injured, then you are liable for the event. The same happens if they lose a phone: you’re responsible for their loss.

Those are only two examples of what can go wrong. The truth is that anything can happen. Think you’re perfectly safe? Taken every measure to ensure perfection? Guaranteed you’re fine? Forest fire happens half a mile away from you, forcing you to evacuate the area as per government decree.

The worst part about weddings is that unpleasant surprises aren’t even a rare occurrence. They’re expected! Any experienced wedding host or planner knows that they simply cannot have a wedding without insurance.

Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

First of all, let’s quickly explain the concept. Insurance is when you form an agreement between yourself and an insurance company in order to be provided financial compensation in the event of a specific probability.

Wedding insurance, therefore, means that the insurance company can pay off any costs associated with the aforementioned unpleasant surprises. This is highly significant, more often than not, as the costs that insurance can cover are a fraction of what you would otherwise have to pay out of your own pocket.

If you’re not quite convinced yet, then I’ve prepared a couple of common wedding disaster examples for you to enjoy and fret over. Without further ado, here’s just a couple of things that can go wrong with your wedding.


One of your guests drinks too much, trips, becomes hurt. You are then held financially liable for any bodily injury they have received. You better be ready (and able) to pay their medical fees, which can put a serious dent into your pocket.

These scenarios happen regardless of how hard you try to avoid them. You aren’t omnipresent and certainly not omnipotent. If a guest decides to eat way too much and vomits all over the venue, then it’s not probable you’re going to notice it before it happens. Not unless you’re a wedding sentry, and you’re not.

Insurance can cover the medical fees associated with their recovery. Furthermore, if the guest actually decides to sue you (which is very, very common in some states), then insurance can also take care of that.

Property Damage

It’s not like any of your guests is going to intentionally try and vandalize the venue. But weddings mean receptions, and receptions almost always mean alcohol – and a lot of it. When your guests inevitably get drunk, they might dance a bit too hard and swing at full speed into a table full of drinks and dishes.

Mind you, that is a best-case scenario. If you’re anything but lucky, they’ll instead barrel right through an expensive cask of whiskey, a wine case filled to the brim that’s dating back to the early 1920s, or a television.

Those are very expensive to cover. Better be safe than sorry and get insurance for your wedding. Imagine having to pay for a top-of-the-line Dolby surround system (that you can’t even use) right after you’ve spent thousands on your wedding!


Some of your vendors might cancel their presence at the last minute. Weddings have a lot of non-refundable expenses, but affordable vendor insurance can cover that for you as well. Additionally, you might cancel your wedding shortly before it happens, which can be outright disastrous as many venues refuse to provide refunds regardless of services rendered.

Don’t put yourself at risk. Opt for insurance and stop stressing yourself out. Anything can come up seconds before the ceremony. Maybe you realize you don’t even like your spouse. Do you really want to pay upwards of $5,000 for what might be a total flop?

You’ve Scared Me. Why?

Because I’ve gone through what I’m trying to help you avoid. While I’ve certainly lost a couple of hairs off my head, I’m hoping that I can help open the eyes of those who haven’t been “blessed” with the same experiences as I have.

You shouldn’t be afraid of having your wedding, and this article shouldn’t dissuade you in the least. However, you should absolutely consider purchasing wedding insurance. As the old adage goes, “Better safe than sorry.” Many things can go wrong. If they will, they will. But having a shield to protect yourself when it happens makes all the difference.

In the end, I’m very happy to hear about your upcoming marriage, and hope that it will truly go flawlessly. Stress less, keep yourself safe, and don’t fret! You got this.