Is NEET required for MBBS in Philippines?

Not only Philippines, you will need to qualify NEET if you are planning to do MBBS and practice in India, whichever country you choose to do it from. None of the countries that are exempt from this rule and you should remember that if you are thinking of doing MBBS abroad, you have to qualify NEET.

Now, this should not be a major problem because qualifying NEET is really easy. In fact it is 100 times easier than ‘clearing’ NEET. To qualify NEET, you need to score equal or more than the 50th percentile that year which means you will have to score 150 out of 720 (approx.. average 50th percentile). In fact, this may be achieved if you do exceptionally well in one or two subjects in NEET.

If you are looking for a better quality of medical education from abroad, then MBBS in Philippines can be an option for you. However, you need to think twice before you actually make a decision to study MBBS in the Philippines.  A fact that attracts numerous foreign students to the Philippines is the cost of pursuing MBBS which is feasibly low. On an average, you only have to pay 15 Lacs- 25 Lacs for pursuing MBBS in the Philippines 2021. But there’s a glitch. The admission will not directly happen in the MD program (equivalent to MBBS in India) and this is what most of the consultants avoid disclosing it to you.

Speaking of the MBBS duration in the Philippines, it is 6 years. The last 1 year is dedicated to internship and practical exposure, just like most of the countries abroad.

Eligibility for MBBS in Philippines:

  • You must have qualified NEET
  • You must have obtained at least 50% marks in chemistry, physics, and biology from a recognized school

To continue with the MD course, it is mandatory to qualify the NEET exam and the minimum score should be obtained in the BS program.

What is the BS program? Like the US, the Philippines also accepts 13 years of pre- college education and to compensate for the gap (as you study 12 yrs only in an Indian school) an Indian student has to complete the BS program. After that, one has to face the NMAT exam which is equivalent to NEET as far as difficulty level is considered. If this exam is cleared, one gets admission in MD. You must know that the MD degree in the Philippines is equivalent to the bachelor degree and therefore do not confuse it with the PG in India.

Thus, Moksh definitely recommends you to go for MBBS in the Philippines but only if you are willing to undergo the pre-medical course and have the confidence of clearing NMAT. This system is followed by all WHO approved good medical colleges in the Philippines for Indian students.

You will hear a lot of good things about MBBS in the Philippines and they are all true. The degree is recognized world over. Doing a PG in the US after an MD in the Philippines is common and popular as you have more chances of scoring well in the USMLE! Quite a paradox, eh?

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