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Levi Ackermann (リヴァイ・アッカーマン Rivai Akkāman?), also renowned as Captain Levi (リヴァイ兵長 Rivai Heichō?), is the squad commander ( 兵士長 Heishichō?, lit. “leader of the troops”) of the Special Operations Squad inside the Scout Army unit & is regarded as humanity’s best soldier.

Levi Ackermann Appearance

Levi Ackermann has short, normal black hair styled in an undercut, steel blue eyes along with dark spots under them, and a deceivingly youthful face. He seems to be quite short, but his muscle tone is well-developed as a result of massive use of omni-directional mobility gear. He is generally frowning or monotone, which, combined with his incredibly calm attitude, makes it hard for others to assume what he is pondering.

He is mostly seen in his Scout Regiment outfit, with a light grey button-up shirt underneath it and his signature look white ascot, while he has taken it off since the coup d’etat. When venturing outside the Walls, he also wears the Scout Regiment’s green-hooded cloak; such as the rest of the Scouts who travelled and battled against the Marleyan soldiers, Levi decided to wear the Scout Regiment’s new all-black variant of the outfit. Levi was shown in a black suit, plain white shirt, ascot, & dress shoes while on leave from his responsibilities due to an injury.

Levi now has many scars all over his face, including the one across his right eye, and is lacking both the index & middle fingers on his right wrist as a result of a close-encounter blast caused by Zeke Jaeger’s Thunder Spear.

Levi Ackermann Personality

Those who know Levi explain him as a “clean freak,” as he likes his surroundings and himself to be perfectly clean. He dislikes getting his hands or his devices dirty, and he’s been known to clean up his blood-splattered blades while still on the field of battle. He will, however, not dare to make contact with filth if he considers it necessary.

Despite his obsession with hygiene, Levi is aggressive and unapproachable. He rarely exhibits feelings, creating the appearance that he is cold toward others. His attitude is frank and insulting, his remarks are oftenly rough or otherwise improper, and he is not above provoking or denigrating those who reject or frustrate him. His sense of humour is vulgar, belittling, & morbid. Many people find him unsettling as a result of all of this.

Levi declined to take commands from anyone during his pre-Scout Regiment criminal life in the Underground City (as Petra Rall tells Eren Jaeger). Moreover, after joining the Scout Regiment, he grew to admire Captain Erwin Smith, whose orders he gladly obeys because he believes in Erwin’s imagination for the Scouts. He also has a lot of faith in his colleagues. Levi’s adherence, on the other hand, is strictly restricted to people he honours, and he has no issue openly mocking authority from anybody beyond this circle.

Levi Ackermann
Best of Levi Ackermann

Levi has a sense of morality and kindness, though he rarely shows it. One of his most distinguishing characteristics is the high value he places on people’s lives, which was highlighted when it was disclosed that all Titans were once human. The realisation that he had been unintentionally killing people all this time bothers him greatly. He has mentioned that he despises unneeded casualties, and he instructs his colleagues to use their authority in order to avoid mistakes that could cost them their lives.

While Levi shows trust and kindness for his companions, he shows no compassion to the Titans, butchering them with apparent indifference. Levi is able to behave barbarically, even vengefully, when dealing with other people he considers to be enemies of humanity. When the Female Titan was apprehended, Levi told her he liked watching her suffer & explained in chilling detail how he planned to dismember her human body.

Even after his adherence to Erwin, Levi works on his own. Many of his Titan kills are single, with little direct assistance from other troops (because he usually assigns them to hunt other Titans in the area). Although he is respected by so many and is not reluctant to issue orders when needed, he does not regard himself as a commander in the same way that Erwin does. He appears to dislike hierarchy in general, and he defers judgements to his subordinates whenever possible.

Levi Ackermann: Strength and Abilities

Omnidirectional mobility gear

Levi Ackermann is so good at using the omni-directional mobility gear that everybody thinks he’s the strongest. He is also said to be worth as much as a whole brigade, outweighing all the other troops. Moreover, even before entering the Scout Regiment, he was regarded as incredibly strong.

He has demonstrated the ability to incapacitate the Female Titan by moving too quickly for her to protect, something that entire squads & even Eren in Titan form could not do. Considering the absence of buildings and trees to anchor his omni-directional mobility gear, he conquered Zeke Jaeger in his Beast Titan form.


Apart from his exceptional combat abilities, Levi has demonstrated a remarkable ability to instantly analyse conditions and make smart choices in the midst of battle. This has given him the skill to save himself and his companions on multiple times, including when he realises the Female Titan cannot be quickly killed due to her skin crystallisation and restorative skills, and then saves Mikasa when she attempts to slaughter the Female Titan herself. However, Levi confesses that he does not believe that a person can always be correct, and that some situations are beyond a people’s control.


Levi possesses tremendous physical ability, as evidenced by his skill of the omnidirectional mobility gear. Even after his short size, his body is well built with massive muscle, making him extremely strong & effortlessly invincible. Levi intercepts one of the Female Titan’s intrusions at one point through using her hand to release himself towards her mouth before she can hit Mikasa. This does not prevent him from hurting himself. Also after fighting numerous Titans, a single blow to Eren’s left cheek is powerful enough to tear all of Eren’s teeth on the left side of his chin.

Sword-Wielding Technique

When Levi initially entered the Scout Regiment, he used one of his two swords in an opposite grip that his section commanding officer considered “wrong.” This technique, however, has significantly assisted his capacity to slaughter Titans. This method entails carrying his right sword backhanded, blade facing out, & behind him rather than in front of him. By doing so, the blades form a “circle” around him, enabling him to use spinning as well as other rotating intrusions while maintaining amazing pace & flexibility while competing. At the same time, this allows him to maintain his energy without wasting endurance and power, allowing him to fight for longer durations of time and take out multiple targets at the same moment.

  • Levi Ackermann: Relationships
  • 1. Eren Jaeger – Levi commands Eren’s regard as humanity’s best soldier. When Levi first met Eren, he treated him like an animal, cautious of his Titan capacity, but pleased by Eren’s enthusiasm. Levi started treating Eren in the same way he treats most of the others: flippantly and dispassionately. Levi, on the other hand, becomes a mentor to Eren, acknowledging the possibly good the youthful recruit is skilled of and providing suggestions when Eren is in hesitation.

2. Erwin Smith – Levi & Erwin’s correlation was not always friendly. Levi initially intended to murder Erwin after being caught and blackmailed into entering the Scout Regiment, but he later decided to postpone his vengeance. Erwin ultimately became one of the very few persons in whom Levi has complete faith, obeying his every instruction and judgement.

3. Hange Zo – Levi & Hange did not communicate when he first entered the Scout Regiment, despite the fact that he astonished them with his abilities.  Afterward, Levi and Hange become friends, though Levi is irritated by Hange’s fascination with catching Titans and hates their carelessness.  Levi has steadily evolved more acquainted with Hange, and is now capable of reaching out and scolding them when Hange gets too overwhelmed.

4. Mikasa Ackermann – Mikasa instantly dislikes Levi, and one of the first things she witnesses is him beating Eren during his military trial. Mikasa had sought revenge against Levi since then, vowing to make him pay for his behaviour one day. Later, she would thrash out at Levi, accusing him for Eren’s acquisition by the Female Titan, and her recklessness would force Levi to to save her at the price of hurting his leg. Mikasa has primarily put aside her resentment of Levi by the time of the Scout Regiment’s revolution, preferring to believe his leadership. The fact that they share the surname Ackermann indicates that they are related.

5. Armin Arlelt – Armin appears to admire Levi’s amazing skills and the ability to battle Titans. Levi, in turn, has come to admire Armin’s remarkable deductive knowledge and ability to formulate plans. Even after his general hostility toward others, Levi has provided emotional comfort to Armin whenever he questioned himself: this was first seen after Armin gunned down an enemy soldier to defend Jean, and while Levi accepts it was still killing, he thanks Armin for guaranteeing that every member of his squad stayed alive. Then, after gaining knowledge Armin was given the injection rather than Erwin and curious to know why he was protected when Erwin was the most sensible move, Levi tells Armin that he possesses powers and abilities that no one else possesses.

6. Petra Rall – Petra did serve in Levi’s Scout Regiment before being hand-picked for his first Special Operations Team. She had a tremendous amount of respect for him and was honoured to be a part of his team. Levi seemed to believe in her and her skills as a soldier, despite the fact that she had one of the maximum records for assassinating Titans (48 assist kills and 10 solo kills). Levi protected Petra’s body after she was killed by the Female Titan until the Scouts were forced to retreat back to the Wall. He was shocked to learn (after her death, from her father) that Petra intended to dedicate her life to him.

7. Isabel Magnolia – Levi’s close friend and family member was Isabel Magnolia. She referred to him as her big brother when they resided below the capital. Levi was incredibly protective of Isabel, even killing two men who cut off a strand of her hair. Her dying was one of the causes Levi became such an important member of the Scout Regiment.

8. Furlan Church – Levi’s close friend and family member was Furlan Church. He was Levi’s trusted advisor when they stayed in the Underground City beneath the capital. He was also the reason Levi became such an important member of the Scout Regiment.


  • His name is Hebrew in origin & implies “joining” as well as “attached.”
  • His name was influenced by a character in the American film Jesus Camp.
  • Levi’s age is among mysteries raised by Isayama in interviews. He once mentioned that Levi is “interestingly old,” but refused to provide an actual answer other than “older than 30.”
  • In the character interviews for Levi, Erwin, & Hange, it was stated that Levi forcibly bathes Hange by whacking them unconscious.
  • Levi appears to enjoy drinking black tea & collecting tea.
  • Isayama stated at a recent conference that Levi has always wanted to set up a tea shop.
  • His alcohol tolerance isn’t too bad. He does not, in particular, get drunk.
  • Levi goes through three-minute combat showers.
  • He only sleeps for about 2-3 hours per night.
  • Isayama has stated that if he could only say one thing to Levi, it would be, “Go quickly to sleep,” as Levi struggles from mild insomnia. Levi also does not alter his attire before going to bed because it is such a non-event for him. Levi prefers to sleep in his chair instead of a bed.
  • It was also revealed that he yearned for a tidy house after growing up in the Underground in an unclean environment. That could be the source of his cleaning fascination.
  • Levi’s short stature was influenced by Might Adam’s Astro Boy & Kyuzo from the movie “The Seven Samurai.”
  • When asked about Levi’s favourite type of woman during the interview, Isayama replied, “A type of woman he likes?” Because he’s short, small people prefer tall people… I suppose he prefers tall people.”
  • Levi presently considers Eren to be the best cleaner.
  • During a Q&A session, Levi was asked by a fan what his type is. “They must meet my cleaning benchmarks,” he replied.
  • Levi has blood type A.
  • Levi is known for cutting his own hair with clippers.
  • Levi was conscious that Oruo Bozad was impersonating him and thought it was annoying.

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