Milky White Nails: Ideas, Looks, Images, Creative

There’s a lot to love about opaque white nail polish, whether it’s worn as a solid, all-over colour or just on the free edge as in the classic French manicure — but every now and then, you want something softer, subtler, and sheerer. Take it down a notch for simpler times and occasions by opting for milky white nails instead.

This sheer colour is not only a chic choice for a minimalist, natural-looking mani, but it can also serve as the perfect canvas for cool nail designs. Normally, we’d use a milky neutral as a base, but a milky white can make other colours pop even more, according to Boyce. It can be cool when paired with a stark white for that monochrome look for abstract looks.

Flowers in Various Colors: MILKY WHITE NAILS

This manicure proves that milky white nail doesn’t have to be boring. The cloudy white colour serves as an excellent foundation for vibrant florals.

Squiggles in White: MILKY WHITE NAILS

If you like monochromatic looks, try this manicure, which combines milky and bright white polishes for a unique design. The squiggle is the ideal combination of classic and abstract.

Gradient of Milk: MILKY WHITE NAILS

When used for French tips or ombré nails, the transition is more natural, according to Boyce. This ethereal gradient fades from white to beige.

Simple and solid: MILKY WHITE NAILS

Experiment with the opacity of your milky white nails by using the same polish to create multiple looks. Stop at a single coat for the lightest coverage, or layer it on to slightly intensify the colour, as shown on the nails.

Outlines in White: MILKY WHITE NAILS

Use a thin striper brush to paint the smallest of white lines around the edge of the nail tips to draw attention to your nail shape. Fill in the centre with milky white polish to create a striking contrast and to highlight the shape.


With a design like this, you could always try a matte version of glossy, milky nails. This nail polish finish, which is even softer than milky white, will help you add texture to your monochromatic nail art.

Milky Nails with Asymmetry

Having trouble deciding between stark and milky white nails? Put on both! If you’re not good at painting straight lines, let alone with your non-dominant hand, opt for pre-painted nail stickers.

French Tips Outlined

While milky white polish can provide a softer transition on French tips, it isn’t required. Add some definition to your design by separating the two shades with a solid line.

Milky White Nails
Class of Milky White Nail

Ombré Milky

Do you lack a milky white polish? Use a pastel shade and a simple white to create an ombré design that gives the nails a similar faded look.


A splash of colour, such as the saturated star stickers shown here, is all your nail art needs to stand out. To make it stand out even more, begin with a milky white base that will not compete with your design.

Straight Lines

If you think your faded French mani could use a little something extra, use a super-thin striper brush to make a few organic strokes. It looks cool and is relatively simple to do yourself — a win-win situation.

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