Most promising jobs post pandemic

The pandemic has made a huge change to the job market. Companies have had to completely change the way they operate, with many businesses switching to remote working. Businesses in the tech industry have been thriving throughout all these changes. Now with the end of the pandemic in sight and the world starting to open back up there are so many more jobs that have been created and many people are looking to change jobs. Here we have a list of jobs that seem to be the most promising once we work through the pandemic.

Remote work facilitator

Before the pandemic, not many people worked remotely. The change from managing staff in an office to managing staff all working remotely has been a challenge many companies have had to face. Companies like those that provided IT Support Services have found that having a team dedicated to managing remote working is what keeps your business running smoothly. Once the pandemic is over and more people go back into the office, a remote work facilitator will be of high importance to ensure that in office and remote staff are on the same page.

Smart-home designer

Smart technology is becoming more advanced, while also becoming more affordable. We all know of the Ring doorbell, the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator and the most popular smart device, the Amazon Alexa. These devices will need to be set up in a way that allows them to meet your needs and work together to make them as effective as possible. Similar to the way IT Support for Estate Agents takes care of an Estate Agency’s office technology, the smart-home designer will take care of setting up the technology in your home, and ensure that your smart home is running at its most optimal level.

Wellness coach

The world of wellness has been around for many years and of course there are many coaches. But now with the focus on managing mental health and creating a good work-life balance. This is especially important in fields like IT Support North London where it is known that a work-life balance was not prioritized. The pandemic has also been a stressful time for many and with the many lockdowns, it has been difficult to establish an effective fitness routine. This is why many businesses will be hiring wellness coaches. Having happy staff who are able to get support with improving their mental and physical health.

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