Onion Shampoo: Ancient Restorative for Modern Hair

In current times, with the adverse pollution situation, facing hair fall issues is inevitable. The worst thing about encountering hair fall problems is that it usually comes with other issues, such as hair thinning, hair graying, dandruff, and baldness. There are many solutions to tame the case, but one such significant item that has been proven to be very productive is onion.

One can use the juice from raw onion, but the drawback is that it comes with mess and eye irritation. Therefore, one such productive way is to ditch the hectic efforts of chopping the onion and extracting the juice and opt for shampoos that come with the goodness of onion.

What is the Science Behind Using Onion Shampoo for Hair?

Shampoos infused with onion juice are rich in sulfur which actively helps promote hair growth. Onion also contains good vitamins and antioxidants for hair, besides taming inflammation. Furthermore, it also supports healthy blood circulation that adds thickness and volume to the follicles, making them lustrous and healthy looking. Onion juices can also help control oil production on the scalp, making it suitable for hair that becomes oily more than often.

What are The Benefits of Using Onion Shampoo?

The followings are the benefits of onion shampoo:

Tames the Hair Fall Problem

Hair shampoo infused with onion juices plays a significant role in taming the potential hair fall problem and providing the needed nourishment to the hair. Furthermore, one will also experience improved and healthy blood circulation to the hair follicles. This further will contribute to active hair growth and health, thus taming the hair fall problem.

Treats Alopecia

Alopecia is one of the hair issues when an individual experiences hair loss in the form of patches. If the hair condition is in the initial phase, then there is a high chance that it can be treated with the right onion shampoo. However, if the condition has become adverse or the onion shampoo does not provide the desired results, it is advised to consult a doctor.

Reverses Graying of Hair

With onion shampoo, one can also tackle gray hair problems. This is because onion consists of a necessary antioxidant compound known as catalase that actively reduces the hydrogen peroxide level at the hair roots. It is recommended to start using red onion hair oil along with onion shampoo to get the desired results, as this not only helps in improving the texture but also helps in balancing the pH level of the hair, thereby reversing the graying hair process.

Treats Dandruff

The shampoo has good antibacterial properties that play an active role in keeping dandruff problems at bay. Furthermore, bioactive compounds are also present that prevent hair breakage. Scalp issues can also be resolved from the roots with onion shampoo.

Adds Luster to the Hair

One who wants to add volume and the desired shine to the hair should opt for onion shampoo as it helps in offering the same. The onion extract and biotin that onion shampoo is composed of provides the right amount of thickness, thereby making it voluminous. As a result, with voluminous hair, one can achieve the desired beautiful look.

Directions to Use Onion Shampoo

To use the onion shampoo in the right way and get the desired results, one should stick to the following mentioned guidelines:

  • Wet the hair and then gently take shampoo and massage it on the scalp with the help of fingertips
  • Lather the shampoo well
  • Try keeping the shampoo on the scalp for 2 minutes at least
  • Finally, rinse off the hair with water and dry by using a towel

Wrapping Up!

Irrespective of whether the hair is dry, oily, or in combination, onion shampoo is said to treat all of it. The onion juice’s ingredients make it the right choice for applying on the scalp. By choosing the right onion shampoo, one will be able to enjoy ample benefits and grow healthy, voluminous hair.

The key factors that onion shampoo offers are fighting dandruff, adding shine, preventing hair loss, and more. Thus, this is all the information that is there to know about why one should opt for washing their hair with onion shampoo instead of regular shampoo.

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