Online blogs providing civil service exam news

Preparing for the civil service exam is not a cup of tea for everyone. You need a lot of dedication, patience, and commitment to deal with it. If you have prepared your mind to go for it then you must start collecting current affair books, mathematics books, reasoning stuff, and your subject books to ensure you are well prepared. More than these books, what you need to look for are some educational blogs that provide civil service exam news. These sites help you prepare well for the exam and make sure you walk in the path of success.

Ira Singhal’s blog
Ira Singhal from Delhi has topped the UPSC CSE in 2014. She shares different study tips for the IAS aspirant. You can go to her blog page and go through the FAQs, video lectures, exam guides, book recommendations, preparation strategy and a lot more. She shares all she has done to top the examination. Maybe a little guidance from her can help you too. To learn from the horse’s mouth, follow her blog.

ForumIAS is one of the best blogging sites to enhance your knowledge and prepare for this examination. This blogging website offers the aspirants with some important news articles, editorial briefs, motivational video lectures and a lot more which is related to the latest events. You can even come across topper’s talk section, preparation strategy, tips and more that will help the aspirants to gain more knowledge and prepare well for the examination.

IAS Kracker
You can check IAS Kracker to actually crack the IAS examination to ace the UPSC examination. It is another helpful blog that helps give a jump to your UPSC CSE preparation. The platform puts on offer book suggestions that help one for Prelims and Mains, subject-wise book recommendations. One can prepare for the exam with the right strategy, paper analysis, tips insightful articles and discussions and among other helpful links and resources for UPSC preparation.

Chanakya IAS Academy
The two decades old, Chanakya IAS Academy started its own blogging website that features all the necessary information about all the latest government decisions, policies, and actions. Apart from such news, the platform provides exam analysis, test series, preparatory tips and different strategies that are inspiring and motivational. The portal is known for its highly reliable study material and video lectures which are perfect for preparing an aspirant for IAS examination.

Neo Stencil
Neo Stencil blog is one of the best blogs that is a step towards UPSC exam preparation. It is another great platform that helps an aspirant with UPSC examination. This website is all about offering some kind of helpful study materials, important questions, the current affair, optional subjects, different videos, workshops, insightful articles, resource links, examination tips and much more. You can find reliable information on this website.

Readersbuzz is one of the top-notch educational blogging sites which offer the student with helpful study material so that they can prepare themselves for any examination. The website offers important questions, resource links, exam tips, strategy, answer keys and a lot more to keep the students engaged. An aspirant can find all kind of civil service exam news.