Premier Glow Share How To Plan a Great Party

Are you considering having a party to celebrate something special? If the party is going to be at home, then the following tips are going to help you.

Planning the space

You don’t have to be in a mansion to throw a great house party, but you need to make the most out of the space you have. This can mean rejigging and removing furniture and decluttering. This is good to maximize the space and also protect your possessions. It is important to have a dedicated space to be used as the cloakroom so that your guests will have somewhere to put their bags and coats. Your bathroom should also be ready for guests – clean towels, spare loo roll, and air freshener discreetly placed inside the bathroom.

Considering whether there is a need to create more space

If the party is during the summer months, then it might be a good idea to use the patio area or garden. No matter the time of the year, consider getting an extension marquee any time you feel constrained and having a hard time fitting the guest in your space. This will help you extend the party space and create more room. It is even better if you have a sliding patio door or bi-folds but the back door is also going to work. The marquee is just attached to an external wall, and it gives you endless possibilities – you can add a dance floor and it becomes a nightclub, a chill-out area with sofas, or a dining area.

Thinking of a theme

A theme is a great idea because it makes the party unique and personal to you. Whether you go with something simple like the color scheme, or a party designed around an era or film, it is up to you. There are many theme ideas online that you can use. Research about them and then choose what you like the most.

Dressing it up

Whatever choice you make, the decoration of the space is going to establish the theme of the party and also transform the room. Take a look at the huge range of props available at Premier Glow. Your guests can also help everything come alive, depending on your theme. They can come wearing a given style of clothes or fitting in with a white and black color scheme.

Lighting up the rooms

Lighting can help with setting the atmosphere. Overhead lights are not good for a party because they kill the mood. Relying on a few up-lighters and table lamps will end in the room being too dark. Consider hiring professional lighting so you can set up the perfect party scene. This will involve the use of moving lights for special effects and throwing a color wash over the walls.


It is a must to have good music. Don’t rely on your playlist, consider hiring a good DJ who will choose a playlist good for the party depending on the response of the crowd. It might be even better to have live music. If there will be cocktails at the party, why not hire a master mixologist who people are going to be entertained watching?

Booking a caterer

The last thing you want during a party is to keep checking your kitchen. Just hire a caterer to do that work. If you can manage to have a seated dinner, then an informal alternative is bowl food. The guests are going to have a good time chatting while enjoying dishes that are designed to be eaten standing up. Before everyone goes back home, consider serving late-night snacks.

Keep the drinks flowing

Have a good selection of drinks at your party. It should also be in plenty because the worst thing at a party is for drinks to run out. There are some who will want wine or beer, while some will want soft drinks and non-alcoholic alternatives. Make sure they are available. There are some places where they will allow you to return unopened bottles.

Warning the neighbors

You don’t have to worry about this if living in the middle of nowhere. Noise travels, even if it is guests parking their cars. This can sometimes rattle the neighbors. There are some who would understand, but some will be mad. It might be better to let them know beforehand so you can alleviate any concerns they might have. You can even invite them to the party.

Hiring a professional party planner

This is one of the most important tips when planning a party. Are you worried that you might end up forgetting something important? Having a hard time coming up with ideas? You can hire a professional party planner because they have experience with parties and can give you some great ideas. Your party is going to impress your guest and you will also have a good time. There is no need to get caught up in all that work when you can leave it to a professional.

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