Reasons why an annual wellness exam is essential

Usually, irrespective of your age or stage in life, you are encouraged to undergo an annual wellness exam to help monitor your state of health. Therefore, even if you are not sick, it is essential to consult your physician once a year for thorough screening and consultations on issues affecting your health. Doing so provides a platform for you and your care provider to identify and treat underlying diseases before severe complications arise. Your progress towards your health goals is also monitored to help guide you on the route to take to ensure you remain healthy or your goals are met. Therefore, if you are interested in understanding why annual wellness exams are essential, family medicine Kingwood specialists are here to your rescue. They educate you on various reasons why a yearly examination is necessary and help you know where to start if you want to begin your annual appointments. Below is all you need to know concerning why a wellness exam is vital.

Why is an annual wellness exam vital?

There are various reasons why an annual wellness exam is essential, including:

·         Help assess your overall health

Usually, several tests may be conducted depending on your age, family history, risk factors, or lifestyle. Additional screenings include cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass index, osteoporosis, and blood glucose screening. The purpose of screening is to identify underlying diseases like diabetes and heart conditions. Depending on your results, your care provider may recommend some follow-up tests, exercise, lifestyle, and diet modifications to help improve your health.

·         Aid in updating your vaccinations

Vaccines are essential for kids but also suitable for adults to help prevent serious diseases. After looking at your immunization records and history, your care provider may recommend immunizations such as flu vaccine, covid vaccine, HPV vaccine, Tdap vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, or shingles vaccine.

·         Provides screening for cancer

Regular cancer screening increases the ability of your care provider to detect cancer during its early stages for prompt treatment. Your risk factors, family history, and age guide your care provider in recommending cancer screenings such as gynecological cancers like colon, cervical, prostate, or lung cancer. Other cancer screenings include breast or skin cancer.

·         Help update your medical records.

Generally, a lot of changes can take place in a year. An annual wellness exam, therefore, helps update your medical records. During this appointment, you are advised to inform your caregiver of all the aspects of your health that have changed, including allergies, medications, social history, family history, and mental health.

·         Establishes a therapeutic relationship with your physician

Your annual wellness exam appointment helps you get to know your care provider well, and your care provider gets to know you as well. As a result, it makes you feel free to ask or inquire about anything concerning your health, including some factors affecting your reproductive organs. Your care provider also educates you on various things to incorporate and do away with to help improve your state of health.

An annual wellness exam is essential because it helps detect conditions early for early treatment before complications occur. Therefore, if you want to start your yearly wellness exam appointments, you can get started by calling Supreme All Care Health and Wellness today.

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