Rudraksh Immigration Elucidates The UK Skilled Visa Process For 2022

The UK continues to be one of the top destinations for Indians to migrate to. Traditionally, Indians find the language and familiarity of the process of moving to either the UK or the U.S. quite appealing. In these two countries, there are generations of Indians even achieving prominent positions in entrepreneurial and government spaces. Indians contribute highly to the economy of these countries. Rudraksh Immigration Mohali explains the process of UK Skilled Visa 2022 for the interested Indians.

There are quite a few formalities and documentation needed to apply for this program. In essence, the program is designed to bring in a skilled workforce from abroad to boost the local economy of the country. The applicant needs 70 points to qualify for this visa. Here are the requirements for this program.

  • Job Offer: First and foremost, you need to have a job offer from an employer in the UK. Additionally, this employer must be registered with the home office and the job must be listed on the job list (SOL – Shortage Occupation List) along with the occupation code. Also, the job must pay at least the minimum wage or an average yearly salary of £25,600. For STEM-related jobs, this threshold could be as low as £20,480. Lastly, the applicant needs a good medical and character record. You could get a maximum of 20 points for this. 
  • Language Requirements: It is normal to provide language credentials while applying for any kind of visa for the UK. One could submit the B1 Level certificate, or a Bachelor Degree with English language medium, or SELT (Secure English language Test) score. Your language skills hold a weightage of 10 points. 
  • The job of Skill Level RQF3: This level is measured in accordance with your educational qualifications. The RQF 1 is representative of Secondary High School and RQF 8 represents a PhD degree. The job that you would do must require at least RQF Level 3. For this aspect, you could score 20 points. 
  • Additional Tradeable Points: In case you hold a PhD degree in a STEM field, you are offered 20 points. If the PhD degree is in a non-STEM field, you get 10 points. 

Satisfying these conditions, you are eligible to apply for a visa. For that, you need to fill in the online form, upload your ID proof and other relevant documents, pay the visa fee and book an appointment for the interview, pay a health surcharge of £624 per year and submit your biometrics and fingerprints. You will get the decision within 3 weeks of whether your visa application has been approved or not. 

Once approved, you are eligible to take your family along. On this visa, you are also allowed to do voluntary work, you could take extra jobs to manage your finances better and increase your earning potential. 

If you wish to change your job after coming to the UK, you need to intimate the authorities and change this information in your visa too. After 5 years, you could also apply for the PR (Permanent Residency). The only thing that you are NOT eligible for is the State and Pension Benefits. For more details, contact Rudraksh Immigration Group in Mohali. 

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