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The National Examination Council of Tanzania oversees the selection process for Form Five in Tanzania. Students are assigned to various secondary schools according to their results. They are assigned as per the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination. It is often administered at the conclusion of Form Four, in a process known as the Form Five selection. On the TAMISEMI website, a list of the students chosen to enrol in Form Five in 2023 will be accessible.

About form five selection 2023

An essential annual procedure in Tanzania is the TAMISEMI form five selection. Based on their results in the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination, students are chosen to enroll. They can enrol into Advanced Level Secondary Education (form five) for a variety of academic disciplines.

For students who have finished their O-level coursework can take advantage of it. Those who are hoping to join form five for the 2023–2024 academic year, the TAMISEMI selection 2023 will be a critical period. With this achievement, their educational journey enters a new phase. A phase in which students will focus on particular disciplines that will ultimately shape their career pathways.

Form five selection in 2023 Results are normally issued by the TAMISEMI . The main leaders are President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG).  Within in few months the Form four CSEE examination Results are Out.

The list of Selected Students will thereafter be available on the TAMISEMI website. Parents and students are encouraged to visit the websites of the Ministry of Education. They can also visit Science, and Technology ( and TAMISEMI ( To get the formal announcements on the form five selection 2023 release.

Who announces form five 2023 results?

Coordinating and overseeing the management is done by TAMKSEMI. Also, Managing the administration of regional development is the responsibility of TAMISEMI.  In addition to coordinating policies and strategies for the development of the areas.

 TAMISEMI also strengthens the institutional capacity of regional secretariats. To support integrated socioeconomic development and the financial development of local government authorities.

Steps to check form five 2023 results online

  1. Examining the Tamisemi webpage

It’s important to keep yourself updated on your educational path. One of the most important things you can do is register on the TAMISEMI website. To view your form five selection results for 2023/2024 it is necessary.

Check your TAMISEMI Form Five Selection by going to This is an official TAMISEMI website. Look for a news and announcements section to get the most recent information.  

  1. Getting to the Form five Selection Results page on the official website.
  • After registering on the Tamisemi website, open the menu icon to view the results.
  • Select the results option and add the required information to access it.
  1. Looking Up Your Name And Education

The pdf available for the result will display all the names of the candidates selected. Search for your name and school on the list. If your name and school are present on the list that means it’s time to congratulate yourself. Do celebrate because you are selected. If it’s not present, there is no need to feel demotivated because you can work harder. There are various modes to build your career nonetheless.

Preparing for Form Five Selection 2023

Understanding the “majina ya waliochaguliwa kujiunga na kidato cha tano 2023” list of selected students. It is an important step to take when getting ready for form five studies. You can use this list to get important details about Tanzanian secondary schools. They  provide upper level courses. Watch the official TAMISEMI website, where the selection results are announced. To obtain all such information try on the same site.

A well-thought-out strategy to create five preparation tips can make all the difference. The difference that brings you closer to your achievement. You can prepare yourself with this in your schooling days. Start by studying the courses you chose for your advanced level studies. These will likely differ from those covered in previous years.

Think about participating in study groups or online discussion boards. Tanzanian high school students getting ready for form five to explore education. These sites might help you stay motivated. It involved by providing peer support and coaching. Remember that effective time management is essential to a seamless transition. Make a study schedule that strikes a balance in your life. A balance between your personal obligations and academic obligations. Acquaint yourself with any updated policies or guidelines. You can be particular to the secondary school of your choice. You’ll be more equipped to succeed academically and fit in with Tanzania.


The form five selection is announced by TAMISEMI in Tanzania. Form five selection makes sure that the students’ higher studies are completed. It is followed under different principles. The students get to choose their career based on their interest. The students are chosen for form five based on the results of CSEE. Form five is an advanced level of education. Form five can make all the difference in the world in the career aspect of a student. It provides an advanced level of coursework with different principles. The students can opt for a well-though out, better future for themselves.

A positive approach is needed that just because someone is not selected in form five does not mean their future prospect is over. They still have lots of options to choose from and can build a bright future for themselves. It is absolutely possible to pick yourself up and go for the career that a student wants. It is  because they have the potential and ability to conquer anything they put their mind to. So, pressuring oneself and thinking it’s the end of the world to not get selected is not the right approach.


Q How can I get the Form Five Selection for the academic year 2023–2024?

The official TAMISEMI website has the Form Five Selection results for the 2023–2024 academic year available online.

Q. When will the Form Five Second Selection be made available in 2023?

TAMISEMI has not yet disclosed the date of release for the Second Selection for Form Five in 2023.

Q. Where can I locate the official results of the TAMISEMI Form Five Selection?

On the TAMISEMI website, you can get the official results of the Form Five Selection.

Q. Are the Kilimanjaro region’s Form Five Selection results accessible online?

Indeed, the Kilimanjaro region’s Form Five Selection results are accessible online at the official  website.

Q. How will the chosen Form Five pupils get their Joining Instructions in 2023?

Selected Form Five pupils will need to download the joining instructions from the TAMISEMI website in order to receive them in 2023. Students can check all the updates form the website.

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