Skills You Need To Earn Cisco CCNA Certification And How You Can Develop Them


To establish a successful career in the IT expanse, you are required to have a myriad of knowledge and skills. The best way to acquire and validate your competencies in a certain area is through obtaining certificates from renowned vendors. For instance, the Cisco CCNA certification is designed to validate your expertise in the networking domain. This article looks at the skills measured by this accreditation as well as how you can gain them.

Validated Skills

The syllabus of the Devnet Associate covers several knowledge areas that are divided into six sections. The first one encompasses the network basics and includes a description of the various network elements and their functions. It also covers technologies such as IPv4 and IPv6. The second domain focuses on network access, including interswitch connectivity, VLANs spanning multiple switches, Layer 2 discovery protocols, among other competencies. The next topic of the test covers IP connectivity and includes the elements in routing table, IPv4 and IPv6 static routing, as well as single area CCNA . The fourth exam section revolves around IP services. It includes knowledge of the functions of DHCP as well as DNS in a network, DHCP client and relay, and so on. The next knowledge area is dedicated to the basics of security. The main skill you should demonstrate here is how to manage access to a network. Also, you should know about the various threats along with vulnerabilities and how to decrease their impact. The final topic you should be competent in covers automation and programmability as well as their effect on a network. There are other skills within these sections that involve more complex technologies and you can look through their list on the vendor’s official website. 

How to Gain The Skills Measured In The CCNA Exam

There are many ways of acquiring the required expertise for the certification exam, and each of them is unique and suits various individuals differently. For example, a person who prefers to memorize the information through reading may not want to use video tutorials to learn. Here are some of the most useful means of gaining the knowledge for the 300-410 :

  • Identify helpful reading materials

There are many books, journals, whitepapers, and many more that have the information you are seeking on the CCNP . Also, numerous exam guides are available on the Internet. The trick is to find resources that are current with the changing technology. Furthermore, look for reviews of the previous readers so that you can better decide whether to use these resources or not.

  • Learn through experience

It is true that hands-on experience works best when it comes to earning the CCNA certification. Theoretical or classroom learning is not enough for technical skills. Therefore, it is crucial that you identify opportunities where you can put what you know into practice. The best way of making this happen is to find unpaid work either through volunteering or interning. The most significant reward you will get from this is practical experience.

  • Enroll in an instructor-led training course

This option is best suited to individuals who understand the study material better in a classroom environment. It does not have to be at a physical location because there are many training courses that are available virtually. This option gives you an opportunity to ask questions on areas you may not be grasping well and interact with your counterparts. 


Even though the CCIE covers a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills, acquiring them is not as difficult as you may believe. And since you know how to gain the needed expertise, why not go for this valuable certificate? Prepare for the qualifying test diligently and earn prestigious accreditation from 200-201  to see your career growth!

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