How is Social Media Changing Family Relationships?

The rise of a number of social media utilities on the Internet has directly been observed to coincide with several changing inter-personal trends within family settings. These issues have normally featured a distancing away (in concrete, physical terms) of children from their parents, millennials from their anteceding generations, entire families from their larger clans, and so forth.

Addressing the Growing Communication Gap (thanks to Social Media)

This ever-widening gap, in turn, has been facilitated by the market proliferation of all manner of mobile devices and personal computers – all of which impose the separating barrier of a screen between the above mentioned categories of people. In order to get over this deleterious impasse, it sometimes becomes necessary for individuals to seek timely psychological intervention therapy to resolve the growing communication gap between them.

In the particular cases of children and young adults equipped with a number of internet-enabled devices at their disposal, the task of weaning them off their technological gear becomes even more difficult when compared with some other groups of people. The reasoning behind this observation is not hard to fathom: the unparalleled novelty offered by the digital screen in captivating its users’ interest knows no bounds. The common picture of a child engrossed in the contents of his/her mobile screen (a common pop cultural archetype) irrevocably comes to mind when pondering over this prevalent societal issue.

Because Facebook Deserves Some Mention

Take the instance of Facebook – which currently happens to boast over 2 billion users spread globally. The said social media platform provides a unique avenue for diverse groups of developers and talented digital artists to display their artsy wares (including games, blogs, questionnaires, polls etc.), and have the public engage with them in meaningful ways. Through a high-speed Internet connection like Spectrum, which is attainable through the Charter Spectrum Customer Service, it becomes possible to even stream high-resolution video snippets from a wealth of exciting user/brand pages available for popular perusal on the utility.

On the Consequential Cases of Self-Inflicted Mortalities

Recently, there have been a few reported cases of a number of young adults and children committing suicides on account of the cyberbullying that they may have been on the receiving end of; an issue which is greatly exacerbated by the rising incidence rate of adolescents choosing to confine their activities to their schools or living rooms in front of a screen (instead of sitting with their families and seeking some solace for their concerns).

In traditional communities that still thrive within large parts of the developing world (from India, the Middle East, to significant portions of the African continent), these antagonisms – as they affect the familial space – are in most cases nowhere to be found. The relatively diminished popular usage of mobile phones and personal computers features as a pivotal factor in determining this epidemiological trend.

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