Solar Panel Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Did you know that you’re eligible for a hefty tax credit when you install solar panels? Not only that, but you’ll see big savings on your energy bills long term. Plus you’re helping out the planet by using a clean energy source.

It’s a win-win-win! Solar panels are a long-term investment. Because of this, you may be wondering how to keep your solar panels in good shape for decades to come.

This is why solar panel maintenance is crucial. Solar panel maintenance will keep your solar panels working for you long term. Keep reading to learn more about solar panel cleaning and repair. 

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are relatively low maintenance. How you install them will also impact how much you need to clean. To benefit from solar power, position your solar panels strategically.

You want to position them

You want to position them so they get maximum sunlight throughout the day. Also, ask the installers if they can position them at an angle. This way they will drain rain and melting snow without you needing to check on them.

A widespread misconception is that solar panels are hardly effective during the winter season. This article looks at some of the myths surrounding the efficacy of solar energy production during winter. It’s worth saying that cold weather actually increases solar panels efficiency.

When installing, consider if you want to opt for roof or ground installation. Ground means you can reach the panels easier for cleaning. But roof installation will keep your panels out of sight. 

Solar panels don’t need a lot of cleaning. You can install an automated sprinkler system to periodically clean them. Or you can work with a cleaning company.

If you do clean panels yourself, never use harsh materials. Use biodegradable soap and soft rags. You do not want to use abrasive materials as this will damage your panels.

Don’t let dirt build up on your panels. Regular light cleaning is all you need. 

Solar Panel Repair

Solar panels rarely need repair if you’ve been cleaning them correctly. You may need to do repairs if there is a hurricane or tornado. Work with a professional if this is the case.

Often you will have warranties built into your purchase. In that case, the panel company will provide you with maintenance services. Your panels will last a long time with proper care and maintenance.

This article breaks down the average times depending on your panel type. Flexible panels can fit curved surfaces. They are versatile but more vulnerable.

They last on average around 15 years. Traditional solar panels will usually last around 20 years.

If you have excess solar energy, you can store it using a solar battery. A battery will allow you complete self-sufficiency. You will need to replace your battery every 5-15 years. 

The Value of Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panel maintenance isn’t complicated, but it is very important. If you properly maintain your solar panels, they will last you up to 20 years. With cleaning and regular check-ups, your investment in solar energy will pay off.

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