Stem Cell Therapy – What is it, and what are the Benefits?

Stem cells, also known as master cells, are special human raw material cells that regenerate functional cells. The newly generated cells can be specialized with specific functions such as brain cells and heart muscle cells. In Raritan, anti-aging & regenerative medicine is available to treat prevalent musculoskeletal problems like sports injuries and joint pain. Stem cell therapy amplifies the body’s ability to heal itself.

How does it work?

Researchers use the lab as an artificial site to grow stem cells. They are then manipulated to specialize in particular cell types such as blood cells and muscle cells. Once injected into the damaged tissue, they release some healing growth factors to replace and repair the defective tissue. This treatment form has less swelling and does not require pain medication, downtime, or anesthesia, like in surgery.

Stem cells have been used to treat other diseases and have worked. Doctors have performed bone marrow transplants to replace cells damaged by chemotherapy or improve the donor’s immune system to fight certain cancer types.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Very minimal risks of rejection

Stem cell treatment uses materials derived directly from the patient’s own body. This reduces the chances of rejection or any risk of complication.

Prevent nerve damage

Surgical procedures may, at times, result in nerve damage, and consequently affect the functionality and mobility of the body. With stem cell therapy, the cells are administered directly into the affected area, making sure no nearby nerves are damaged in the process.

Reduces disease transmission

The cells originating from the owner’s body means zero risks of transferring diseases from one person to another.

Does not require the use of general anesthesia

The procedure is minimally invasive, meaning it is non-surgical. This removes the need to use anesthesia, even in complicated procedures like harvesting bone marrow from the iliac crest.

Reduces pain

Stem cell treatment is beneficial for pain management. Its primary aim is to decrease inflammation, provide pain relief, repair, and regenerate the affected region.

Less recovery time

In standard open surgery, the treatment takes less time, but the recovery takes the most time. In stem cell therapy, recovery time is minimal, meaning the patient will resume their routine in no time.

The procedure can take only a day

The doctor will review your case and perform the blood tests and scans to establish your preexisting condition. The specific line of regenerative therapy is decided the same day, and treatment will start. In some cases, it may be a series of several treatment sessions.

Treats more than pain management

In addition to pain management, stem cell treatment repair and rejuvenate degenerative joints or damaged ligaments. The treatments can also potentially reverse a severe injury incurred from sports or vehicular accidents. Tissues that are thought to be permanently damaged have hope to regrow and heal progressively.

After the doctor has conducted all the tests and evaluated your medical condition to know the injury’s extent, he determines the right treatment procedure for you, depending on your needs. Performance Pain & Sports Medicine offers stem cell therapy and other regenerative medicine for all injuries. Book an appointment today.


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