Sushil Singh: Leadership Is All About Developing Future

Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh feels that a leader must develop the future. By developing the future, the director of SaiVa AcadEmy means that a person must develop the skills of those who are working with you. 

“The modern generation does have several skills that I feel proud of. However, they do forget some basics of life that do impact a person’s growth,” said Sushil. 

Indeed, there are millions of children in India who are living a great life. Sometimes, these comforts do play a major role in making young minds forget about some of the basic things that do impact a lot. As shortcuts have taken over the life of modern children, it becomes a challenge for them to write tasks down and make them follow throughout the day. Hence, those who are working in the sector, where wages are not as high as they can be, do face a major problem in talking the ride of earning well.

“I always tell my beloved employees to write tasks down, follow them regularly and then evaluate the day in the end for becoming ready for the next day.

“In my eyes, the very way of living makes one disciplined and then a person can bring a positive atmosphere that can play a major in developing skills and becoming a top leader in future,” added Sushil.   

Sushil spends hours, days, months and weeks making sure that his beloved employees should every working day learning something productive. Well, other than making money and running a business well, a leader must pass his knowledge at the best so that the young generation can get inspired to work hard. 

These are indeed some of the best managerial rules that do make a huge impact in making sure that a profession can act in the best possible way. Work-related skills are there in the hands of a person. At many times, it does save a person from getting a sack. However, combining skills with discipline is a recipe for success.