With the pandemic limiting travel in the last few years, 2022 will likely mark an uptick in the number of visitors in several countries. And America is also one of them. Indeed, taking fascinating trips around the country during spring, summer, and fall is a fantastic way to spend your time this year. However, finding a destination that is out of the ordinary could be a tough nut to crack. That is where we can help you. Here is the list of America’s finest vacation spots for escaping the daily grind:

  1. Pigeon Forge

Five miles from the Appalachian Mountains, Pigeon Forge is a mountain resort town in Sevier County. Over time, the town has been attracting visitors from all over the world. Pigeon Forge is a wonderful vacation destination all year round, especially during the winter months when the snow begins to fall.

Unarguably, a trip to Pigeon Forge would be incomplete without stopping at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Visitors can explore 500,000 acres of Southern Appalachian wilderness in this national park, named after the blue mist that engulfs the peaks and ridges. Visit a stunning waterfall or spot some of the region’s resident elk on a trek or stroll. What’s the best part? Finding quality accommodation has become a lot easier these days in Pigeon Forge. So much so, you can even easily rent pet friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge on a budget.

  • Zion National Park

Utah’s Zion National Park attracts an estimated 4.5 million people each year, making it one of America’s most popular tourist sites. It features one of the toughest trails in the country, which leads up to the rock structure known as Angels Landing. Zion National Park offers a variety of engaging activities besides hiking routes, such as cycling, horse riding, boating, and rock climbing.

Ideally, tourists should spend at least four or five days exploring the park. The most usual ways to get to the park are spending the night in Las Vegas or Salt Lake City and then taking a bus or train to the park.

  • Olympic Peninsula

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Pacific Northwest is its gourmet coffee, rain, and Nirvana. Even if you have been to Mt. Rainier or the San Juan Islands in this region, few places can compete with the Olympic Peninsula in terms of natural splendor. One of the world’s most exotic ecosystems, the Olympic Peninsula offers a dizzying mix of topography. Even by the norms of the Pacific Northwest, it gets a lot of rain. This, in turn, creates an incredibly lush environment.

Many visitors to the peninsula comment that they have never seen so many green hues. The Olympic Peninsula is home to mountains, glaciers, enormous biodiversity, and some of the nicest beaches on the West Coast. In the United States, no other national place offers a variety of landscapes like the Olympic Peninsula.

  • Key West 

Key West is the southernmost city in the contiguous United States. Travelers arriving at Key West may take in the city’s marine splendor as they approach the 113-mile Overseas Highway. Dry Tortugas, a nearby island, features sea turtles such as loggerhead and hawksbill and birds, including masked booby and sooty tern. As a tourist, you should not miss out on the Key West Botanical Society since it is the only subtropical botanical garden in North America that does not experience winter chill.

  • Crater Lake National Park

Located in Oregon, Crater Lake National Park boasts stunning scenery. Clear blue water, deep canyons, and two distinct islands define this lake. An ancient volcano carved out a crater in which Crater Lake now sits, giving the park its name. 

You can enjoy a scenic drive around the lake, stopping at the many views for photos and sightseeing. Other activities include a boat excursion, a tram ride, and forest walks. A three-day visit would be ideal to fully enjoy the park’s splendor. There are three airports within driving distance of Crater Lake National Park: Eugene, Medford-Rogue Valley, and Portland. 

  • Grand Teton National Park 

Great Teton National Park is a great place to stay if you are going to Yellowstone National Park, located in Wyoming for the most part. The Teton Mountains, with their uneven, craggy peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and vast biodiversity, are the most notable features of the territory. Elk, coyotes, eagles, and bison are just a few of the species you might see when hiking in the area.

Once you have finished visiting the park, head to Jackson, a quaint community with shops, restaurants, and even a ski resort. Jackson has an airport that acts as a base for exploring the park. However, a fair proportion of visitors fly into Idaho Falls or Salt Lake City, rent a car, then drive to Grand Teton.

  • Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is approximately 1,200 square miles of absolute wonder, with enormous waterfalls, centuries-old trees, dramatic, terrifying cliffs, and some of the most unusual rock formations in the United States. The 8-square-mile Yosemite Valley area, despite its huge size, is where most of the visitor activities take place. In addition to the park’s most recognized attractions, you will discover fantastic hiking routes here.

Yosemite is accessible to hikers of all levels: local adventure outfitters offer guided tours and climbing lessons so that even people without prior hiking expertise can have fun. To see the beauties of nature in all their glory, you must go to the right place at the right time (and begin your day a little earlier than normal).


When you are a little stressed out and looking for ways to rejuvenate yourself, turning to mother nature is possibly your best bet. But owing to the abundance of options in the United States, one might have a hard time picking the best of the lot. To make your life easier, we have put together a list of the best vacation spots for nature lovers.

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