The Insurance Company Wants a Recorded Statement -Should I Give it?

Soon after you get into an accident, the insurance company will try to catch you off guard. Usually, the insurance company will try to reach you when you are in the most vulnerable state. Although you may feel that the insurance company is concerned about you, that is far from reality. 

 A recorded statement is your statement describing the accident and your injuries. Remember, the recorded statement is used against you, so everything you speak will be recorded and used for your claim. Usually, when you are in a vulnerable position, you may not be in a clear mindset to speak about your accident. The insurance company understands this and uses the situation to its advantage. 

Furthermore, they will try to contact you before you even get a chance to speak to a Los Angeles injury lawyer.

Recorded statements are used against you. 

Usually, the insurance company asks for a recorded statement following your accident. When you provide the company with the statement, there are chances you will speak something that eventually jeopardizes your claim. For instance, if the insurance company asks how you are feeling, you may end up saying, ‘I’m feeling better.’ Every single statement you say will be recorded and used against you. 

Can you refuse to give a recorded statement?

Many victims rush to provide the insurance company with a recorded statement thinking it is mandatory and denying to give a statement can lead to dismissal of their claim. However, if the insurance company demands a recorded statement, you can politely refuse to give a recorded statement and tell them that you need to speak to your lawyer first. 

Lawyers often advise victims to opt for a written statement as it is more accurate and gives them sufficient time to write a statement. When you give a written statement, you have time to evaluate everything you write to ensure you do not harm your claim in any way. 

Remember, the insurance company cannot force you to provide them with a recorded statement nor deny your compensation just because you refused to give a recorded statement. All you need to do is ask for some time and speak to your lawyer. 

Speak to a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. 

The insurance company works in mysterious ways. They know how to manipulate you to lower your settlement or deny compensation. Therefore, in such a situation, only a lawyer can assist you to protect your legal rights and make sure you get the deserving compensation. 

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