Things to Consider Before Going to a Psycho-Therapist

In the modern age of fast-paced living style with lots of responsibilities, tough financial goals, and challenges, almost everyone experiences periods of grief, conflict, stress, sadness, etc.  Mood disorder, unbalanced thought process, changed behavior, feeling unrest, lack of sleep, low self-esteem, sense of insecurity, etc have become the common experiences for most of us. Do you also feel so? If yes, it is time to see a professional Psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy is highly effective to treat thought process disorders, behavior change, mental disorder, depression, anxiety, stress, etc. The numbers of people from all the age groups, trusting the psychotherapy as the only remedy to their psychological problem with least or almost no medication, are increasing worldwide. The success rate depends upon the alliance between the patient and Psychotherapist. What can you do to strengthen this bond to get the best results of psychotherapy?

8 Things You Should Know & Consider Before Going To A Therapist:

  1. Therapy Is A Long-Term Investment In The Present & For The Future:

The skills you learn during psychotherapy treatment help you deal not only with present psychological disorders but also help you stay stress-free and in the right mood in the future also. The gained knowledge and learned practices improve your ability to cope with mood swings, psychological disorder, and stress. It is a long-term investment. Check your affordability.

  1. Constancy During Psychotherapy Is Important- Would You Be Able To Maintain It?

Consistency is the core of psychological treatment success. Making each therapy session a priority is must to do. The time you get with Psychotherapist is reserved just for you. Think, would you be able to maintain consistency for the entire period that may be of weeks or months.

  1. Should You Necessarily Use Referrals?

No. You don’t need to use the referrals necessarily given by friends, relatives or even by your physician. ‘Fit for you’ is the most important aspect you should consider for finding a therapist. Use all your skills and available tools like magazines, Google, social media platforms, etc in comparing the abilities of shortlisted psychotherapy centers. Narrow down the list just to 2 or3 before deciding to meet the Psychotherapists personally.

  1. Can You Be Honest In Sharing Your Problem And Causes?

Being honest is the best policy to maximize psychotherapy gains. Being 100% honest in sharing the problem and cause is found the major hurdle in getting the best psychotherapy results. For example, if you are addicted to drug, particular medicine or alcohol, would you be strong enough to disclose the reality?

  1. Psychotherapy May Be A Temporary Or Long-Term Arrangement:

Whatsoever psychological problem you are suffering with, you might have a mindset for the psychotherapy training period. You may take psychotherapy treatment for the particular psychological disorder for a week or months; it depends upon you but you might not be right in imposing the period limit because the Psychotherapist knows better in this respect. The approach should be to use the psychotherapy treatment experience for a long-term stay.

  1. The Psychotherapist May Not Answer All Your Questions In The First Meeting:

Yes, don’t take your Psychotherapist as an oracle. You might be having many problems to be shared and questions to be asked quickly just in the first meeting but your Psychotherapist is not bound to reply to all your questions. Experienced Psychotherapists address your concerns at the right time during the advanced sessions.

  1. Would You Be Able To Do Homework After Each Psychotherapy Session?

Yes, it is true. You have to do a lot after each psychotherapy consulting session. You will be surprised to know that you do just 10% with your Psychotherapist, while the rest 90% is to be done by yourself at your office and home. Many advices will require you to incorporate changes in working and reacting pattern that may require you to compromise with your age-old principles or conceptions. Are you confident enough to apply learned skills to change yourself?

  1. Would You Be Able To Get Sufficient Time To Map The Psychotherapy Results?

OK, you have hired the best Psychotherapist known to you or the best referred. Still, you must experience the outcome to remain on the right route to reach psychotherapy goals. Analyzing and mapping the developed changes is must but it needs you being stress-free and focused on self. Would you be able to analyze changes in inner-self periodically?

Concluding Note:

If you are seeking a Psychotherapist’s assistance just for knowing what you should do tackle a particular family, relationship or personal problem in a single meeting, you may probably be disappointed. Your Psychotherapist is a consultant with knowledge and expertise in treating psychological problems. Psychotherapy is the holistic care to treat the mental disorders, depression, anxiety, mood swings, negative thought patterns, etc but it is effective only if you are cooperative, honest, confident, committed and disciplined.






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