Things your hairdresser should know before your appointment

It would be your worst nightmare to get your hair job wrong. Some hairdressers do not understand the expectations and choices of their customers. But this is not either the hairdresser’s fault or yours, it is a communication distance between both of you.

Instead of remembering the memory of a certain era, why not try the staple style of the 90s and 80s? Hair salons should have acknowledged certain things before you proceed with your appointment.

Here are some things that you should discuss with your stylist to avoid any disaster with your hair.

Visual reference is important

Instead of explaining if you could bring a picture that would come near to your requirement will be helpful. The visual appearance of the dream look will make it easier to explain in front of your hairdresser. Sometimes your verbal explanation can create a gap in your communication. It would be helpful for understanding and saving your time in explanation if you have any visual representation of the closer desired look.

Be clear about your words

The language you use and the language that professionals use can be different. It is important to understand that using a certain kind of lingo is not helpful. If you are unable to explain your hairdresser in certain kinds of words you should use the term which is standard. The terms shorter and longer can be different for reference. You should describe the proper length or other aspects to your hairdresser properly so that there is no scope for confusion.

A practical approach to your hair

It is important to have a more realistic approach instead of living in the fantasy of a certain style. You can desire a celebrity style but it is impossible to turn into that style in one appointment. Hairstylist is not a magician, who can make your hair grow thicker and more bouncy, so only a certain type of hairstyle and treatment will be suitable for your hair. Your stylist will give you some advice regarding your hair type. You should be patient with them and walk in this journey with your stylist efficiently.

Talk everything about yourself

Although it may sound strange, you should let your hairstyle know about your problems and needs. You should let them know about your hairstyle like how much time you take to get ready or how you like to keep your hair or which colour is appropriate according to your professional life. If you talk about all these things with your stylist they will be able to understand what to do and what not. It will help you too to achieve the thing which will make both of you fully relax during the whole treatment and work in a comfort zone.


Hairstyles have been working as a professional for many years and they know best about different hair types. But they should acknowledge certain concerns you have with your hair so don’t hesitate to tell them everything, ask any questions or ask for advice.