Top 7 Reasons to Move to Chicago

Chicago: everyone knows it’s called the Windy City, but how many people know that it’s a wonderful living option for those who love vibrant life? 

You might not have considered Chicago. After all, New York and LA are considered the cultural hubs of America, each producing arts, entertainment, and types of people that are easily recognizable.

However, Chicago is a wonderful third option. If you’ve found yourself asking should I move to Chicago? you’ve come to the right place. 

This article will walk you through some reasons to move to Chicago, and things to do in Chicago once you’re there.  

1. You’re Tired of LA and New York

Have you tried living in LA and / or New York? Have they made you want to go running for the countryside? Don’t pick up the agrarian lifestyle just yet! 

People in New York are known for being a bit harsh, fast-moving, and stuck-up. This is on account of the fast-paced, hectic,tourist-heavy lifestyle, as well as the brutal wind-tunnel winters, and sweltering crowded summers. 

However, the lackadaisical style of LA can be just as annoying. Sometimes people in LA seem like they’re in slow motion. You also have to be ready to meet a lot of actors and a lot of people who only want to talk to you to “network.” 

If you’re tired of both of these attitudes, you should consider Chicago. 

Chicago, a product of the midwest, is a lot more casual than New York, without slipping into LA’s hippy stoner glow. You can expect people to be friendly, helpful, and nice. 

2. You Love Comedy

If New York and LA are the centers of the mainstream comedy scene, Chicago exports more comedians than any other state. 

Many, many, many famous comedians got their start in the Chicago scene. The sketch comedy theater — The Second City — is famous for launching the careers of comedy actors as famous as Bill Murray, John Candy, Gilda Radner, John Belushi, and Amy Poehler. 

The Second City hosts live shows every night, so you’ll never be with a lack of comedy. However, there are many other comedy theaters you can attend as well. 

3. You Love Theater

Chicago is also famous for its vibrant theater scene. The Goodman Theater is known for its broadway-esque productions that anyone can enjoy. Steppenwolf Theatre is a cutting edge, hard-hitting theatre company where many of the world’s best actors of the stage and screen cut their teeth, including John Malkovich. 

Some of the country’s greatest playwrights, like Tarrel Alvin McCraney, choose this theatre company as their first battleground. Be ready for an experience however, this theatre company’s loud, dynamic productions have given Chicago theatre a reputation for being particularly hardcore. 

Steppenwolf became famous for its highly physical interpretations of hard-hitting contemporary plays. You only have to look at this filmed version of True West by Sam Shepard, acted by two of the original members of Steppenwolf, to understand. 

4. You Love to Eat

Do you love to eat? Do you like food festivals? Have you always considered New York pizza a little overrated? 

Chicago might just be the right city for you.

One of the perks of Chicago is its wonderful gastronomical options. Taste of Chicago, Chicago’s food festival, is one of the most acclaimed and respected food festivals in the country. At this festival, you can sample some of Chicago’s best foods, and listen to wonderful music.

… and then there’s the pizza. While New York, famously, has the greatest traditional pizza, Chicago has its own thing. 

Chicago pizza comes in a completely different style — deep dish. It’s hardly comparable to traditional pizza, sometimes even being a bit more like the experience of eating a casserole. Why not try it for yourself and see which you like best? 

5. You Love Baseball 

The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs are both great baseball teams that have vibrant fanbases in Chicago. If your local baseball team has let you down — why not move to a city that has two? 

Wrigley Field is one of the oldest and most famous baseball stadiums in the country. It’s worth it to see a baseball game there just for the historical experience. However, Sloan Park is also fantastic. 

6. You Love Art

As well as being a cultural staple for the artistic world of theatre, there are many museums and cultural institutions that make an artistic stay in Chicago well worth your while. 

The Chicago Art Institute is world famous, and there are many smaller museums that also put out high-quality work. Many neighborhoods in Chicago have small, hidden galleries that are tucked away in alleys or even within coffeeshops. 

Chicago is also home to the Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture, as well as the National Museum of Mexican Art. There’s a lot you can learn about the world through the lens of Chicago. 

7. You Like Living Cheap

New York and LA alike are known for steep rents.  In an economy tough as hours, with many jobs still recovering from the pandemic, it’s best to try living cheaply for a while. 

One of the best ways to do this is to move to Chicago. Houses and apartments are priced moderately there. When compared to New York and LA, Chicago is downright cheap. 

You can even much more cheaply get into the world of real estate and start your entrepreneurial career. Check out this list of foreclosed apartment buildings for sale in Chicago.

Understand These Reasons to Move to Chicago 

As you can see, there are many reasons to move to Chicago. The culture is different from New York and LA, but the entertainment, arts, and the sports scene is just as vibrant. 

LA is also cheaper to live in than these other places — which means not only cheaper living for you, but potential business opportunities.  

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