Top Questions to Ask the Best Moving Company Before Hiring Them

There are over 7,000 moving companies in the United States. With so many choices, how do you know which moving company to choose?

The best place to start is to ask the right questions. By knowing what questions to ask before putting down a deposit or signing a contract, you’ll find a moving company that you’re satisfied with. Keep reading to learn about the top questions to ask to find the best moving company.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

This first question is intended to gauge the experience and longevity of a company. In the moving industry, many companies don’t last very long. Make sure the company you’re thinking about hiring has been in existence for at least a few years.

Do You Have References?

Before handing over all your belongings to a moving company, ask them for references. They should be willing to provide you with references or point you in the direction of their online reviews.

Take time to read through the reviews. They’ll help you get a feel for the type of customer service a moving company provides. Be on the lookout for any major red flags that might suggest you should avoid that company.

Is the Company Properly Licensed?

To avoid scams, you should ask a moving company about their licensing. The type of license a company has will depend on how its classification.

Local movers who only relocate customers within a state must follow state regulations and should hold a state license. Professional moving companies that provide interstate moving services are regulated and licensed by the Department of Transportation.

A moving container company may be bound by other laws. Ask the companies you are considering for their license information. You can do a quick online verification to ensure they’re properly licensed.

Do You Offer the Services I Need?

Moving companies all offer a unique menu of services that you can choose from when you move. Some of these services include loading and unloading, packing, furniture assembly, and storage. Moving container company

Never assume a moving company offers a service that you need. If your move requires specific services, make sure the company you’re thinking about hiring provides them.

How Is Price Determined?

Make sure you ask about how the pricing structure works. Many companies charge based on several factors like shipment weight, distance, and hourly labor rates. Some companies add charges for things like fuel or specialty services.

Asking about the price structure allows you to budget properly. A professional moving company will give you a written estimate so you’ll know what to expect.

Is the Estimate Binding?

A binding estimate means the price won’t increase as long as you don’t add anything to your inventory at the last minute. This is valuable, as some moving companies are notorious for increasing prices on moving day.

To avoid being overcharged on moving day, ask the moving company whether they offer binding written estimates. Keep in mind there are many trustworthy moving companies that don’t offer binding estimates, so don’t use this as the sole deciding factor.

Ready to Hire the Best Moving Company?

Now that you know what questions to ask, are you ready to hire the best moving company? By asking these questions upfront, you will be well equipped to choose the moving company that best suits your needs.

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