Wanda Ferraton: Bio, Age, Life, Bill Goldberg Wife

Wanda Ferraton, who hails from Canada, is a professional stuntwoman. She was born in 1970. Wanda is quite famous worldwide due to her husband Bill Goldberg, who is a popular professional wrestler. Wanda Ferraton lived in a family of five siblings. She is the second youngest. She represents a very small Canadian town named Saskatchewan. Allan Ferraton and Gwen Werbeski are her parents. She represents white ethnicity. Her age is 52 years.

Wanda Ferraton: Physical Stats 

Wanda Ferraton is a very sweet and beautiful lady. Her eye colour is brown. Wanda’s beautiful hair is black. She has a perfect height: 5 feet 7 inches. Wanda Ferraton’s weight nearly stays around 55-kg mark. She is a tremendous admirer of fitness. Thus, her body remains always in good shape. 

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Wanda Ferraton: Social Media 

Wanda Ferraton is quite active on social media. Wanda’s fans mostly see her sharing her family’s pictures on various social media networks. Bill Goldberg is not that active on social media. For his global fan base, Wanda Ferraton posts her journal life on social media on a regular basis for helping Bill Goldberg’s beloved fans to see a happy family leaving in a peaceful manner. Wanda Ferraton is a huge animal lover. She also shares some beautiful moments with her pets on various social media channels. You can see her great love for dogs.  


Wanda Ferraton Family
Wanda Ferraton Family

Wanda Ferraton married Bill Goldberg on 10 April 2005. The couple was in a relationship since college days. Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg are blessed with one child. The pair’s son’s name is Gage A.J. Goldberg. Recently in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the fans saw the perfect family of Goldberg that closely.

They like to enjoy a very simple life. Three of them are enjoying a precious life together. Wanda Ferraton is a very kind and generous lady. She knows the value of a stable house. In the United States of America, not many famous personalities spend their lives without getting a divorce. Some of the couples can take Goldberg’s family as an example to enjoy a fantastic life with creating any razzmatazz. With the rise of Goldberg, she has become a famous name. More than a million people knows in India who she is and India is far away from the United States, where they have a major impact.

Wanda Ferraton: Career 

Wanda Ferraton is a glorious stunt actress. She has played many-body double roles of women in Hollywood. Wanda also has an IMBD profile. It makes us clear her classical work in the biggest and most famous film industry. She worked in movies like The Unsaid (2001), Speaking of Sex (2001), Ararat(2002), and many others. Wanda Ferraton has also worked as an actress. Santa’s Slay is the movie where the WWE fans can see Wanda Ferraton and Bill Goldberg showing their acting skills together. She has also done notable work in television. Half Past Dead 2 and Jay Leno’s Garage also pictured her work. 

Wanda Ferraton: Net Worth 

Wanda Ferraton has earned a decent amount of money from her work as a stuntwoman. She has played stuntwoman roles in more than 100 movies. In North America, an average stuntwoman can earn more than $250,000 in a year. Her total net worth is not stated in the public sector.

Wanda Ferraton’s husband Bill Goldberg is a very rich person. As of now, Goldberg’s net worth is $14 million. Despite not being a WWE regular performer, his earning channels are too much. Even for a small cameo in the WWE, Goldberg earns and takes big sums. Bill Goldberg has established some big assets, so earning money is not a big problem for this astonishing family. They have a beautiful mansion worth $2.5 million. It does indeed tell how rich they are how much Goldburg does make an impact.

Wanda Ferraton: Hobbies and Favourite Things 

Reading books and traveling are Wanda Ferraton’s hobbies. Wanda Ferraton’s favorite actor is Robert De Niro. Nicole Kidman, the American-Australian actress, is her beloved actress. She loves to eat Mexican food more than others. She is an avid book reader. One can find too many books in her house. Her friendship with books it one to look for.

The fans see the family having one or two classical vacations every year as travelling is one of her must on the list. She likes to watch Hollywood movies. Nowadays, you will see her regularly watching series on Netflix. The Big Bang Theory is Wanda Ferraton’s favourite series. Indeed, there are more than ample fans of The Big Bang Theory around the world. Wanda does give her best to enjoy spending time with her son. It does make him feel special. Hence, the family does have a great relationship.  

Bill Goldberg: Biggest Professional Name

Bill Goldberg is the best professional wrestler. Legendary wrestler played a great role in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW). From 1996 to 2002, he led the ratings of the WCW, who lost the long-term race with WWE. He had a big unbeaten record. His fan engagement was just second to none. Even in this scripted world of wrestling, many top-class athletes used to fear from his unbeaten persona. Only by cheating could one have beaten Bill Goldberg, forget about outdoing him. The WCE lost its post nearly 2002 despite having a legend like Goldberg. The 2002-03 season, he performed very well in the All Japan Pro Wrestling and helped them to generate good ratings.

In 2003-04, the world saw the combo of World Wrestling Entertainment and Bill Goldberg. He is a WWE Hall of Fame member and has been regarded as the greatest of all time. He was just a dream for any organization as gaining hits and good ratings with him was an utterly easy task. Even in the modern-day WWE games, nobody can match the class of Bill Goldberg, who made the structure of wrestling just perfect.

Bill Goldberg went missing from wrestling after a spectacular Wrestlemania of 2004, where he defeated Brock Lesnar. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special guest referee in that classical match. After 2004, only in games, the new WWE fans saw the magic of Goldberg. He became the hero of another young generation thanks to the modern-day video games and their advanced technology. Goldberg made his WWE comeback in 2018 and defeated Lesnar again to become the Universal Champion. He lost to Lesnar later but made his kid proud. He saw his father doing the magic in the WWE for the very first time.  Goldberg does now have injury problems due to his age. Hence, it does fight in a systematic manner. It does help him to make sums and create an impact.

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