What after Engineering – Step By Step Guide

Engineering is the most sought career option when it comes to choosing after 12th science. Every other student in our country enrolls for engineering every year. On average, about 10 lakhs students across the country opt for engineering. Due to the massive popularity amongst the students, the competition increases so does unemployment. In this case, just an engineering degree isn’t enough; you need to do something extra to outstand in this ocean. This is when people start thinking about possible options they can do after engineering. In the third and fourth year of engineering, students start thinking about future career options after engineering. Outside college, many options are available. Students only need to explore and research the courses based on their liking.

In this article, all the courses students can choose after engineering courses are available.

Basic career options:-

These are the safest career options a student can opt for after completing the B.E or B.TECH degree. They are –

  • Private sector jobs:

Jobs after B.TECH or B.E degree are very common. The opportunities here are excellent. There are campus placements available for students to get into the best firms. Placements through campus are better than and highly preferred than off-campus placements as it is challenging to find one. Campus placements are best and highly suggested.

Masters after B.TECH is also another sought option most students prefer. This enhances and gives value to their B.TECH degree even more. They get an opportunity to study abroad and gain knowledge and experience and may also settle down there.

For M.TECH n India students have to appear for GATE examination whereas for abroad studies the students have to appear for GRE, TOEFL OR IELTS. Also, scholarships are provided to the ones who excel in their academics during their 4-year engineering degree.

  • Management: 

The candidates who aren’t interested in many technical courses can opt for management degrees such as an MBA. the salary for engineering along with MBA gives u=you more than only engineering would have offered. This degree gives you more exposure and earning in a short period of time. An MBA from a well known renowned institute adds a lot to their resume. For those who want to pursue an MBA in India, IIMS are the best, and for this, only a single entrance test is to given called CAT. This entrance test is dominated by the engineering students as they have a good command on quantitative analytics. Hence it is a prestigious degree for them.

  • Entrepreneurship: 

If a student has a unique idea for starting his own business, then entrepreneurship is the way to go. It is a new thing for future visionaries. It is advisable that before starting up your business, one should get job experience and then start with building his/her startup.

  • Civil services:

It is a dream of every Indian to become an IAS officer in his/her life span as this is the most prestigious job with a lot of responsibilities. Many engineering aspirants opt for civil services ditching the corporate jobs and prepare for UPSC examinations which are crucial for getting into civil services. According to some researches, about 60 to 65% of UPSC candidates are engineers.

Benefits of a business degree:-

  1. If a person is friendly, has good leadership qualities and good communication skill, then a business degree is appropriate for them as they would get a chance to divert from work.
  2. Rather than a core technical job person can make a bigger impact in a business domain.
  3. Doors for various opportunities get opened while having a business degree.

Unconventional job opportunities:-

  • Content writing – 

With growing internet, humans are connected to everyone virtually; hence, writers have increased and flourished rapidly. Bloggers, novelists are widely accepted by the new generation. If a person can write no one can stop him from excelling in this career.

  • Photography – 

Photography among youngsters with DSLR has become very common in engineering colleges. They get a base for showcasing their talent and ones having exception vision and creativity can easily excel and start their career.

  • Food bloggers – 

Food bloggers are increasing on a greater scale. No qualification is required for becoming a food blogger. Just the desire to taste various foods from various restaurants and various cuisines is what is needed. Only one thing that is needed that the food blogger should not consume cigarettes or alcohol as it may contaminate their taste buds.

  • Event management – 

Event managers are those you must have seen in the movie band Baja Barat! Yes, that’s the work of event managers. They are supposed to make a party or any occasion or a function extraordinary with their creativity and the client’s desire. Holding a bachelor’s degree is sufficient for becoming an event manager. The candidate should have excellent communication skills and should interact with many people from various sectors of life. This is considered one of the most happening career option for any individual.

  • Gaming – 

Computer science engineers who are into virtual gaming can make their own games. This can be a secured job as they have the required skill for developing new games. The young generation these days play games almost the entire day and hence, new interactive games can help engineers to survive in this competitive world. Coding enthusiasts can earn dollars by just creating new entertaining games. There are many million-dollar companies that hire gaming specialists.

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