What are Industrial light fixtures?

In an industrial set-up, lighting plays a very important role when it comes to maintaining consistent performance. Consequently, it becomes a must for every industrial enterprise to invest in quality industrial lighting products. Quality is a decisive factor when purchasing lighting equipment as there is no compromise in terms of safety and reliability. Although the main purpose of lighting fixtures is to illuminate a large area to ensure smooth operation, these fixtures must also be intrinsically safe. For example, such lighting must be durable. And this can be achieved only with the use of quality materials.

The industrial led street light fixture are specially designed to meet the lighting needs and requirements of commercial spaces, taking into account the environmental and lighting requirements of the work-space. They are generally heavy, well-constructed and designed to meet the requirements of the environment in which they are found.

When considering industrial lighting for your business, you can choose from several types. The following information will give you an overview of these different types of lights, some of the pros and cons of the different types, and what industrial lights are used for. Lighting is designed for many different applications in the industrial world. Best Industrial light fixtures come in thousands of different shapes and sizes, colors and finishes. Plastic, metal, wood and glass are all common materials used in lighting fixtures today. Some of the needs for these luminaires will include spray booth lighting, explosion proof lighting, marine lighting, and lighting that is manufactured specifically for wet environments.

Explosion proof lighting

In sectors such as mining, steel, marine, transportation, etc., the risks of explosions cannot be completely ignored. Hence, it becomes important to rely on them to withstand the heat and pressure caused by the explosion. Explosion-proof luminaires comply with the strictest quality standards of the National Electrical Code.

Indoor lighting fixtures

These lights can be installed in a variety of indoor work areas such as workplaces, bays, workshops, etc. Different work environments require different types of lighting systems, so it is ideal to have a supplier who can meet individual lighting requirements. These lighting systems have to withstand harsh operating conditions as well as extreme temperatures.

Roadway lighting fixtures

In places where high mast illumination is required, this type of lighting fixture is most ideal. Safety is a top concern on the road, and therefore a brightly lit road is important to the hundreds of people driving on it. The amount of light emitted by these roadway fixtures can be adjusted to make it very bright or slightly dim.

Portable Lighting

A light tower is a great way to provide powerful and portable lighting that can be used for many different applications across a wide variety of industries. This type of lighting is very often used on roadsides and on motorways when maintenance work is needed and the light tower can be easily moved wherever it is. Working at night can be difficult and dangerous when visibility is poor, so having a good source of strong and consistent lighting is essential to ensure that your site’s health and safety standards are met.

A light mast may be the only solution for outdoor work at night when you need to quickly and efficiently illuminate a large area. They are available in both static and mobile models, giving more choice to potential users. The static model is ideal for, for example, long-term construction projects, and higher quality professional models of light masts will have slanted lights to allow more precise application of light where needed. Most towers will have a cluster of powerful lights averaging about four, which is an ideal way to provide good lighting over a wider area.

Flood lights

  • Floodlights are used in many applications in different industries due to their many advantages. Mainly used for sports events, concerts, theater performances and home use. It’s important to know how floodlights are used for each of these areas in order to determine which ones are right for you.
  • Sporting Events – Sporting events use high intensity, wide beam floodlights (most other floodlights have a much narrower diameter than sport lanterns). Depending on the size of the stadium or facility, you may see a light structure with 50 or more lamps. Structures of this size often have a place where an engineer can change bulbs and perform routine maintenance. Sports beams usually come in a standard white (emitted by a metal halide) or a soft orange, similar to a street lamp. For spaces on a smaller budget or those that rarely need lighting, portable floodlights are possible.
  • Concerts – Concerts often use a type of floodlight called a parabolic aluminized reflector or PAR. This type of light is usually placed in “cans” to narrow the focus of the light. Can spotlights have a fixed focus or soft edge effect. Starter groups typically use them in gigs due to their low cost, ease of maintenance, light weight and durability. Colored slides are often used to give different hues to light, which are often combined with smoke or fog machines.
  • Theater performances – Spotlights for theater performances are used in much the same way as for concerts. Under certain circumstances, floodlights serve the same purpose as floodlights in performances or operas. Colors are most noticeable in theatrical performances and also allow for the differentiation of different moods expressed throughout the performance.

Sports lighting

Sports lighting is kind of a niche area, so the chances of gaining a lot of knowledge on this subject are very small. As a result, we have prepared a guide to the various types and specifications of sports lighting systems on the market The most common type of Sports lighting is the floodlight is LED light; this type of light  gives a bright white light which, due to the small size of the source, provides a good level of focusing. However, the lamp offers a shorter life span than its counterparts.

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