What to do if You Suffer a Road Traffic Accident in Arizona

Becoming involved in a road traffic accident is everyone’s worst nightmare, whether you live in Arizona or not. When you become injured in that accident and the fault or blame belongs to a third party, you end up with the short end of the stick. If you cannot seek out a personal injury lawyer to pursue your compensation claim, you will be stuck with those medical bills and have to pay for your own recovery. 

Putting a Lawyer in Place

Let’s start with the obvious – hiring a personal injury lawyer who specializes in RTAs in Arizona. Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers, Tucson are an acclaimed service which will pursue your compensation claim from start to finish. This end-to-end approach allows you to chat with a consultant, get estimates on what your claim is worth, and even negotiate with the third party lawyers in settlements. You should contact your lawyer as soon after the incident as it is safe to do so, so that they can start gathering evidence on your behalf, among other benefits.

What to do After a Road Traffic Accident?

Fortunately there are certain steps you can take immediately after your car accident to ensure you have the best chance of maximum compensation. Arizona traffic deaths are at the highest point in 15 years, so it never hurts to prepare yourself in advance.

1 – Get to a Safe Place

Make sure you are safe and do not give first aid unless you are qualified to do so. Do not remove anyone from a vehicle unless that vehicle is on fire. Once you have ‘secured’ the scene of the accident, you can call the emergency services to attend.

2 – Give a Police Report

Step two after being involved in a road traffic accident involves calling the authorities for help. When the police arrive, make sure you give them a statement there and then. If you are incapacitated by the accident and rushed to hospital, make sure you give this statement when you can. You may also have a family member call a lawyer for you, so that you have someone to gather evidence from the scene on your behalf.

3 – Get a Hospital Report

The police report and the hospital report create a clear paper trail that confirms you were both in the accident, and that you received treatment. You should go to the hospital even if you feel well.

4 – Gathering Evidence

When lawyers ask you to gather evidence, they want any paperwork you have. They require images of the scene, or any videos you may have. Dashcam footage, witness statements, and any damage to street furniture is worthy of recording. It can all help your case when the day in court comes.

5 – Filing a Claim for Compensation

While you are recovering from your accident, have your lawyer open your claim for compensation. Medical bills can become expensive. Make sure the person responsible for your accident pays those bills. Your lawyer can talk you through the potential for other parts of your claim, such as loss of income, loss of future income, the cost of travelling to appointments, and many other aspects of your compensation claim.

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