When Should a Headache Be a Reason for Concern?

Headaches are frequently regarded as poor weather or bad taxes; a mild irritation that you must endure. Fortunately, most headaches are not severe. So, what should you do if you experience one headache that is especially painful or keeps disrupting your regular routine? Considering that there exist over 150 different types of headaches Westfield, it may be tough to tell whether what you are going through is typical or a pointer to something more significant. Continue reading to discover common reasons why your headaches might warrant a doctor’s visit.

Chronic Headaches

A chronic headache may be a debilitating experience that frequently results in lost work or school days. However, it is hardly a reason for concern by itself. Nonetheless, if you have had a headache for over a week, it is probably time to see a specialist and figure out what is wrong. A chronic headache is not always indicative of a major underlying ailment, but it could indicate a migraine issue.

Recurrent Headaches

Chronic headaches happen 15 days or more per month for over three months. These headaches can wreak havoc on your everyday routine and be tough to manage without clinical assistance. Visit a specialist if you experience two or more headaches every week, and the symptoms become troubling to your everyday activities.

There are numerous potential causes for such headaches, ranging from a simple tension ache to significant brain disorders. Your doctor will effectively identify the most likely reason and select the appropriate option for you. Besides, a specialist can assist you in identifying your headache triggers and making adjustments to your routine to alleviate your symptoms.

Excruciating Pain

If you experience a headache that you may articulate as troubling, pursue prompt medical care. Excruciating, drastic headaches are not usually dangerous, but they could point out a possibly life-threatening concern, such as an aneurysm. Commonly associated symptoms include seizures, hazy vision, and unconsciousness. While only approximately 10% of excruciating headaches are triggered by brain bleeding, your physician may perform proper diagnostic procedures to dismiss an aneurysm or address it when necessary.

Changes In Mental Functionality And Personality

If you or somebody you know is experiencing a severe headache accompanied by a lack of coordination, confusion, or weakness, pursue medical attention right away. These symptoms may point to a stroke. An unmanaged stroke could result in irreparable brain damage. Thus, recognizing the signs of a stroke will assist you in understanding what you need to look out for and developing the appropriate care solution for you.

Headaches Accompanied By A Stiff Neck And Fever

If you have a stiff neck and fever in tandem with your headache, you might be possibly struggling with meningitis. Meningitis is characterized by swelling of the spinal cord and brain membranes. Other accompanying symptoms include vomiting, rash, muscle discomfort, and drowsiness.

Meningitis necessitates prompt medical care. While some variants of this disorder will fade away by themselves, bacterial meningitis spreads swiftly and could result in lasting impairment or fatality. Seek medical attention right away if you think you or someone you know is afflicted with meningitis. Your physician will help you decide on the best course of action.

Headaches could be bothersome or debilitating, but you do not have to put up with them. Recognizing whether a headache is a cause for concern is the very first step towards improved health. At Eric Whitehouse DC, Dr. Whitehouse employs innovative techniques to get to the bottom of your headaches and develops tailored chiropractic care solutions to address your specific concerns. Call the Westfield, NJ office or request an online appointment to learn more.