Who would benefit from professional headshots?

There are a huge number of casting calls for actors today. In order to stand out from the majority of applicants, it is necessary not only to demonstrate oneself well at the casting, but also to prepare professional headshots. It is such photos that allow a more detailed look at the features of the actor or actress. Appearances are very important because they allow you to determine how accurately the actor will be able to convey emotions.

What is needed to get good quality headshots

First of all, it is worth contacting a professional photographer who has not only experience in photography, but also talent. Then professional headshots will turn out quite high quality, as the photographer will be able to convey all the emotions as accurately as possible. 

In order to make you look irresistible in the photos, you should prepare for the day of the photo shoot. First of all, you need to perform a number of actions:

  • prepare the costumes you will be wearing during the shoot. It is desirable to see in advance how you will look in them. Then the photos will definitely be of high quality;
  • think about your image and choose accessories. Additional items will help convey the atmosphere and setting in which the shoot takes place;
  • pick the right locations in New York City. In order to make professional headshots seem original, it is worth considering locations that will help create unique photos.

Professional headshots by Lev Gorn

Lev Gorn is a well-known photographer in New York City. His peculiarity is that he treats his business from a professional point of view. After all, Lev is not only a photographer, but also a professional actor and director. 

A personal, tailored approach helps Lev Gorn determine what kind of character will suit a particular actor. This is because Lev has a talent for highlighting the hidden personality traits of an actor or actress. Thus, professional headshots help actors to reveal their hidden talents, and to show themselves at their best. The more diverse the portfolio, the better the chances of casting and auditioning for a role.

How can I sign up for a photo shoot with Lev Gorn?

It is very easy to get to a professional shoot, because Lev has a professional website, GORNPHOTO. Here you can not only see the result of the work, but also sign up for a photo shoot. If you have already participated in shoots more than once, then it will be very easy for you to prepare. 

For those who will be taking professional photos for the first time, it is better to sign up for a consultation, which is free of charge. This way, Lev can help you choose the right location, and also advise which image is better to choose.  Not only actors need a professional photo shoot, but also models and those who want to be cast in a commercial or a popular talk show. Professional headshots won’t leave any director or producer unnoticed.