Wolf pendant: fearless, loyal, evil

The wolf is a typical predator in constant search of prey. It is the unchanged hero of folk tales, legends, and myths: he has ascribed all sorts of qualities, including wisdom, courage, cunning, and greed. In jewelry, the wolf symbol is used to create necklace, decorative pendants, protective amulets, and talismans.

Коричневый волк

History of the symbol 

The wolf is a symbol that can be found in the culture of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, the East, and Scandinavia. He was worshipped as a mediator between the world of the living and the dead, the gods and humans. Such, for example, was Upuaut, the Egyptian god, who took the form of a wolf. 

In ancient Greece, this predator was associated with Apollo. Gold-blooded god defended against wolves, and he turned into a strong, courageous, brave beast. The Romans also worshipped the predator: the founders of Rome, Romulus, and Remus were nurtured by a wolf. 

In the Scandinavian epic, wolves were assistants of the supreme god Odin. Freki and Geri – translated “greedy” and “gluttonous” – sat at his feet during the feast. One drank only wine, and all the viands spread on the table were thrown to the wolves. 

The wolf was considered by the Turks as their ancestor. He was positive character-wise, strong and brave. Nomads often used the symbol of the predator in state and clan symbols.

The ancient Jews associated the wolf with cruelty and bloodthirstiness. And the Indians considered him a symbol of the night: the divine twin riders saved quail, the symbol of the day, from this predator. The wolf also often accompanied witches and witch doctors and was their riding animal. 

What does it mean

The wolf is a symbol with many meanings: 

  • evil; 
  • faithful;
  • pure;
  • free.

Wolves are monogamous – one male life with one female until one of the partners dies. Therefore, the predator is often associated with loyalty to family and family values. The wolf is also an exemplary father, participating in the education of his wolf cubs. 

It is a symbol of the victorious warrior, participating in the battle to the end. The wolf will never submit to a spiritually weak person, and strong – will become a true partner and loyal friend.

Pattern options 

A pendant with a depiction of a wolf is a predominantly male piece of jewelry. Therefore, its style of design – is realistic, moderately brutal, and strict.


For the manufacture of a pendant with a wolf are used metals and alloys:

  • tin; 
  • steel; 
  • Silver –  oxidized, without additional processing. 

To give a greater resemblance wolf figure or picture of his face complements natural stones – chrysolite, emeralds, citrines.


Colored coatings and enamel in the design of a pendant with a wolf are rarely used: grayish or steel-colored metal looks just right. Sometimes they are complemented by shades of brown, black, silver. White is used to depicting a she-wolf caring for her offspring.

Who can be given as a gift 

A Wolf pendant is a piece of jewelry, which is worn mainly by men. It is given as a gift with wishes of: 

  • courage; 
  • fortitude. 

The jewelry can also serve as a symbol of fidelity between two partners. In this case, lovers exchange pendants with images of the predator, promising never to betray each other.

How to wear a pendant 

The Wolf pendant can be worn in different ways – depending on how to treat it. If you consider it an original piece of jewelry, you can flaunt it by hanging it on a short chain or braided leather lanyard. Such a pendant will be appropriate not only in gothic style but also in everyday wear. 

A pendant-amulet is worn on the body, hiding it from prying eyes. It is believed that this piece of jewelry can indicate the weakness of a person who uses additional methods of protection from evil. Such a pendant should not be handed to anyone – only the owner can touch it.

Wolf’s paw amulet 

No less interesting and significant male talisman is the amulet Wolf’s Paw. Made of silver or other metal in the form of a paw of the animal, it is used as a pendant. On the one hand, the amulet gives strength and strength of character, on the other – protects the wearer of the amulet from the negative influences from the outside.

Meaning of the amulet Wolf Fang

A wolf’s fang is one of the most widespread pendants that gives its owner the best qualities of the animal. A wolf is monogamous and always watches over the interests of the female and her offspring. Therefore, harmony and mutual understanding will reign in the family with this talisman.

Man becomes more confident, reaches the heights in the career or on the battlefield, chooses the right decision in a controversial situation. 

Strengthening performance, the desire for a healthy career, firmness in decision-making give Wolf Fang amulet for women. Also, the talisman helps during pregnancy and childbirth. 

Small children amulet is used as a talisman against the evil eye and spoilage. 

Similar in functionality is Wolf’s Claw. It helps during examinations and increases the perception of the world. Its possessor confidently aspires to victory in affairs and career growth.

Amulets in the form of a wolf’s snout

This is a variety of pendants, rings, bracelets with the image of an animal with teeth. They give strength, wisdom, help in difficult situations come out the winner. The sign of the wolf does not have to be in plain sight. A secret amulet protects no worse.

Why wear a wolf amulet

The energy of the wolf has powerful protective properties. If you need to protect yourself from evil eyes, choose a wolf fang amulet. If you were born in a wolf’s bloodline, you must have a wolf amulet.

Even if you do not belong to the hall of the Wolf, but you do not have enough of the wolf character traits, you can order in our workshop amulet. He will help find courage and bravery, wisdom, leadership qualities, and a sense of justice.

Белый волк на полу


Necklaces with a wolf – are far from being rare even in the modern world. Many people believe that a piece of jewelry with a part of the sacred animal can protect them from trouble or improve relationships in the family. Choosing a talisman, you should be guided by your own needs and necessities. If wearing any talisman, you began to feel worse, perhaps, you should give it up at least for a while.

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