Y2K style: Trend that after 20 years is back (even if we don’t want to)

If you are a TikTok user, then you must have heard of Y2K outfits. The style that we thought we got rid of for more than 20 years is back, Y2K is called the trend of dressing like in the two thousand years, you know, crop-tops, bucket hats, flared pants, sandals with a square toe and even prints very colorful. Just by entering social networks, you will be able to realize, its Hashtag has reached up to 2.1 million publications. Y2K outfits are really dominating the world’s fashion trend.

What is the Y2K style?

What’s behind the Y2K outfits? We are talking about a very peculiar way of dressing and that for many has been the worst moment of fashion, but this did not start that way. The so-called “Y2k effect”, “effect 2000”, “millennium error” or better known as “problem of the year 2000” was an error in computers, this computer problem did not record dates that started with 20, so the first day of this new millennium was to be recorded as January 1, 1900; Many thought it would create database mismatches, leading to an economic crisis.

How has the fashion of the year 2000 returned?

Hip pants have been on vacation for a while – and we wanted them to stay there – but unfortunately, they are back, just as miniskirts, multi-colored plastic jewelry, and wide belts are the new things today. We can also see that it was already expected since 2018, it has been quietly positioning itself among us and in 3 years it has arrived very marked.

Pieces that stand out the most in this trend, for example, velvet pants, tank tops, rings, and belly chains, as well as more fun and bright colors. Bella Hadid is the person who has adopted this very marked style the most, followed by Dua Lipa and Olivia Rodrigo with their teddy coat, bun hairstyles, and hair clips. They love Y2K outfits so much!

In makeup, we see a very light look where there is more color, especially pastel tones playing with textures and small details; high gloss lips, rosy cheeks, and thin eyebrows. When it comes to manicures, French nails are back, designer logos, emojis like happy faces, all nails of different designs, and many decorations. Tweezers and mini braids are used on hair with loose strands poking out.

The Y2K outfits are the explanation for many of the micro trends that we are witnessing lately. Microtrends that return like Ugg boots, Von Dutch caps, Juicy Couture sweatshirts, low-rise jeans, or Skechers sports shoes. The trend emerged at the beginning of the current millennium in which its wonderful stylistic excesses were fused with the street fashion of the recently abandoned 90s.

Why is the Y2K style returning?

You may wonder the reason why Y2K outfits have dominated the world’s fashion. Well, a large part of this return to the 2000s is due to curiosity and interest in sustainable fashion, second-hand stores have achieved some popularity leaving fast fashion aside, thus finding the characteristic garments of the early 2000s that woke up the interest in the new generations. On the other hand, trend forecaster Marie-Michèle Larivée explains that “When the future is uncertain, the automatic response is to take refuge in the past and calm our anxiety with familiar reference points.”

Hinting that these times of confinement we see past styles as a way to escape the present. “While the fashion industry was on hiatus, it found a way to refresh its old symbols and bring them back to light, with a more 2021 feeling,” says Larivée, who assures that this style will evolve to our time. Are you interested in Y2K outfits? Check price at DHgate!

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