How To Discuss Assisted Living With Your Elderly Parents

Can you believe that over 55 million Americans are 65 or older?

As our population continues to age, finding solutions for proper senior care could become more challenging. Many adults who have elderly parents have to figure out how they’d like to take care of them.

Do you feel like it could be time to broach the subject of moving into an assisted living community? Read on so you can understand the best tips that will help you navigate this difficult discussion with grace.

Identify Why Discussing Assisted Living Is Important

Before you start talking about assisted living with your parents, you need to ask yourself why you’re thinking about this topic. Do you notice that your parents are having a hard time driving, cleaning themselves, remembering things, or treating health conditions?

Having a list of concrete reasons why you’re concerned for their well-being will help you steer the conversation in a productive manner.

Explore Options for Assisted Living Facilities

A common reason why some parents get upset at the idea of moving into an assisted living facility is that they’re concerned about being dumped in a horrible place. Gathering more info on facilities that are wonderful will give you options to show them during your discussion.

Once your parents see that there are plenty of great choices that still allow you to visit, then you can open their minds to the possibility.

Sit Together in Person

Parents can feel embarrassed when talking about assisted living because they may think that you see them as a burden. This is why it’s always ideal to have this talk in person where you can see each other’s faces and hug.

Chatting may be challenging for everyone involved, but you’ll be able to get through it when you’re together as a strong family unit.

Come From a Place of Love and Empathy

It’s never easy to watch your parents lose the ability to care for themselves. While you’re allowed to mourn this development, you should try your best to avoid being too sympathetic when you meet.

Talking to your parents like they’re a tragic case will upset them deeply. Being loving and caring without patronizing them can move things along.

Remember to Be Patient

Some parents know that they’re struggling too much and will agree to search for an assisted living facility right away. However, it’s more common for parents to ask for time to think about their options.

Be prepared to leave without any solid answers and be patient as you tackle this subject in future conversations.

Having Open Discussions Is Crucial for Looking After Elderly Parents

Nobody wants to watch their elderly parents suffer because they don’t have the ability to take care of themselves like they used to. Following this guide will allow you to sit down and have a meaningful discussion with your parents without hurting their feelings.

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